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P.s. Some dude killed a king

What was the Glorious Revolution?

The Glorious Revolution was a peaceful transfer of power between kings. Parliament was overthrown by Oliver Cromwell and once he was in power the people wanted a king again, Charles II. He was a good king and was put in power but he had no heir so his brother, James II was put in charge and nobody liked him especially Parliament because he was TOO Catholic. So they asked William of Orange to invade and control but James was a chicken and ran away like a baby because the people hurt his feelings so nobody had to conquer.

People's Role in this SOOO Tragic Event

  • Oliver Cromwell: Sparked the series of events that led to the Glorious Revolution.
  • Charles the 2nd: He was a good ruler but had no heirs.
  • James the 2nd: He was Charles' brother but was not liked by parliament bcause of his massive religious support for Catholics.
  • William and Mary: Ended the Glorious Revolution without having to do anything like invade because James ran away from home.