Greyhound News Special Edition 12/3

Some important notes that couldn't wait for next week!

Winter Break Proposed to be Extended: No School for Staff or Students Wednesday, December 22 through Monday, January 3

Questions you may have about Dec 22 and Jan 3

While the school board will officially vote next week, some questions have already come up about these two additional days off. We would like to try to answer some of those questions here:

  • These are NO SCHOOL days; students and staff are off and should not be in the building.
  • Offices will be closed.
  • All school activities on campus for these two days are canceled as the buildings will not be staffed.
  • Students are not required to check in for attendance or attend any virtual meetings. Teachers will not be available.
  • We will inform you of COVID testing opportunities that will be scheduled on January 3, should you need them.
  • Take the days to catch up on any late work or to just catch your breath and relax!

During the regularly scheduled break (December 23-January 2):

  • During the winter break our main office will be open Monday, December 27-Wednesday, December 29, from 7:30-4:00. It will be closed December 22, 23, 30, 31, and January 1.
  • Except for Wednesday, December 22, and Monday, January 3, any scheduled activities will run as scheduled.
Absence Reporting for Mon., Dec 20 and Tues., Dec 21

Due to the high volume of absences we typically have in the short week leading to break, please use this form to report any absences for all or part of these days. Thank you for helping us keep this reporting manageable: use this form or send a note!

Students and ISD 709 staff who have COVID symptoms can receive a Rapid Testing kit from our health office. Please do not send students into the building with symptoms. Call the health office to arrange for a pick up.

Please stay home if you're sick!

  1. Quarantine anyone with symptoms (fever, difficulty breathing, loss of taste or smell, muscle pain, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, chills, cough, runny nose or congestion, sore throat, headache, fatigue). Those with symptoms should remain quarantined from all school, extracurricular, and social activities until they...

    1. Have a negative COVID test AND symptoms improve OR

    2. Receive a positive test and have passed the quarantine date set by our health office.

  2. Get a COVID test done. If students have symptoms, the school has test kits available to send home. If they are leaving with symptoms, we can send them with a kit. If they stay home with symptoms, a family member or friend without symptoms can pick up a test for them. There are also numerous test sites in the community that may have availability. Please note that rapid testing (kits from school and at other sites) are only for symptomatic people. If you have been exposed and need a test but don’t have symptoms, you will have to be tested at a saliva test site, where anyone can be tested.

  3. Report any symptoms and both positive and negative test results to our health office.

  4. Increase all mitigation strategies (masking, social distancing, washing hands, limiting contact, etc.) in all areas, not just school.

    1. Encourage and enforce proper mask wearing. Wash hands before and after putting your mask on and taking it off. Over the nose and under the chin. Don’t touch the front of the mask while wearing it. KEEP IT UP!

  5. Work with your healthcare provider and consider vaccination if you haven’t already. If and when entire classes need to quarantine, those who are vaccinated will be able to continue attending school and won’t be required to quarantine.


Gerri Settergren, Heath Office Aide ext 2114,

Susan Sederberg, School Nurse ext 2429,

Student COVID Reporting Form

Please use this link to report any positive COVID cases. DECC Rapid and Saliva COVID Testing Hours Updated December 2021: Tue-Fri 11–6, Sat 11-4, Sun-Mon CLOSED Testing Closed Following Holidays: Dec 24-25 Dec 31 & Jan 1

Duluth East High School

Principal: Danette Seboe

Assistant Principals: Jon Flaa, Kyle Rock

Activities Director: Shawn Roed