Haring's Happenings

By Stephanie Haring, MRMS 7th Grade Language Arts Teacher


Dec. 15 (today)---Gather all clothing and props for your outfit for Thursday. Be creative!

Dec. 16---Peer edit character paper (PAPER SHOULD BE COMPLETE) and write your index card for the presentation

Dec. 16-18 Practice your presentation for Thursday in class and at home!

Dec. 18---Final character paper due---send to me on google doc.

Dec. 18---Quiz on "A Christmas Carol" play we read in class. Your studying is to pay attention to the reading in class.

Dec. 19---Presentation of Victorian Character and Holiday Party with Scrooge---Parents are welcome! Mark your calendars. First block LA classes will present from 8:45-10:00, second block LA classes will present from 10:10-11:20, fourth block LA classes will present 2:10-3:20. Ask your child when they have language arts and then you will know when to arrive. If you need them to go early in the block or later in the block so you can see them then please let me know by Tuesday. I'd be happy to accommodate you.

Dec. 21-Jan 5 Winter Break


Reading---We will be reading the dramatic play together in class this week. We will analyze it with an emphasis on characterization---round, flat, static, dynamic. As we read, we will watch the George C. Scott version of the movie as we read. There will be a quiz on the play we read on Wednesday. If you are paying attention to the story in class then you will be fine!

Writing----We will be focusing on characterization with our writing as well. Students researched the Victorian period all last week. They have many notes to use for their paper. They will create their own Victorian character that would have met Scrooge in Victorian London 1843, based on the research they conducted. Students will be presenting their characters at our party on December 19....PARENTS ARE WELCOME!!!

Donations: We have enough food and drink coming for the party on Thursday. I do need a few more people to help monitor the cookie/drink tables on Thursday. If you could take one shift that would be great. First block--9:30-10:30; Second block--10:40-12; Fourth block--2:45-4:10.

Work really hard on these presentations! Vacation is almost here!

Read Every Day!

Keep reading your independent book each and every day at home!

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