North American Vietnamese Outreach

Lin Tran's testimony - Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

"March 3 , 2013 I was baptized in the name of Jesus! Hallelujah! I didn't know much about oneness God at that time but one thing I do believe: my past was buried under the water and the new life my Lord Jesus just gave back to me is just a beginning!"

Lin was able to return to Vietnam where her family was introduced to Jesus for the first time with the help of Khoa, and his friend Doc, who just happened to live close by. (Amazing!)


Our Vietnam ministry for the year 2015 has been very profitable. We turned over several years of work to other missionaries and focused on reaching out to new Christian groups. The only exception is our work in Central Vietnam with Khoa, one of my converts. We are not allowed to minister in this area due to the watchful eyes of the government. However, we are providing monthly support to Khoa and his friend Doc to reach this vast area. They have done an incredible work of converting many church leaders to the apostolic doctrine and have baptized several hundred believers!

Different Baptismal Methods Used In Vietnam

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Another New Pastor in Vietnam Converted!

Khoa and Doc have been working with a pastor friend for over a year and a half. In January he asked Khoa and Doc to baptize him and his family in Jesus' name!

My January 2016 Trip to Vietnam

My latest trip to Vietnam was very profitable. I was able to hold two seminars with Baptist leaders about the oneness of God, water baptism, and the need to receive the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues. All the leaders were given doctrinal books for further study plus a complete Bible school curriculum that we taught at ACTS in the Philippines' Bible school. I also spoke at a local church pastored by a lady who has become our good friend. We baptized many of her congregation on our last trip. I was also able to meet with Khoa and Doc in Hoi An Town to discuss an upcoming seminar to help fifty of their converted leaders to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I also received an invite to teach at a new church while there.

Khoa and Doc - Truly Modern Day Apostles In Vietnam

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