By: Ellen Hopkins

Bio about Ellen Hopkins

Ellen Hopkins was born on March 26, 1955 in Long Beach, CA. She was adopted when she was born by an older couple. Ms. Hopkins grew up in Palm Springs, CA. This area was known because it was where many movie stars and entertainment icons lived, including Elvis Presley, Bob Hope, Kirk Douglas and Arnold Palmer, etc. Ellen was married and then later divorced. She had her first child at 21 named Jason at a point of her life when she was writing for her living. She wrote because its what she loved doing all the time.

About the book "Crank"

Kristina Snow was a very smart girl and had her future in front of her. She was ready to go to college and was bound for success. She visited her dad over the summer and met a very handsome guy. He introduces her to something new, like kind of a monster, crystal meth. The attraction for her to do this drug is because she liked him. For her to cope with her new dependency and the lifestyle it brings, Kristina creates a mental alter ego and calls her Bree. When summer time started to end, she tried her hardest to get herself out of the drug addiction she had. She back home and tried to make friends that would help with her addiction and give more to her more drugs to keep her addicted. Sooner or later a guy who was helping her in her addiction raped her. Later her family got pulled into the nightmare of her life.