Mrs. Clarke's Kindergarten

Always Growing

Fall Days

Fall has begun and we are ready for some cooler weather! Don't forget to mark jackets with your child's name.

Please Practice Letters at Home

We already have a few of our students who have learned all of their uppercase and lowercase letters!! We are so proud of them! Please work with your child each night to practice naming their letters. You might want to start with the letters in their names and add on a letter or two at a time after that.
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Star Reader Sheet

This is an example of how to fill out the Star Reader sheet. Your child might have the same book for two nights on occasion. This is due to the rotation of reading groups in our classroom. After you help your child read his or her book, simply write down the date and title of the book. Thanks so much for reading with your child each night. Please don't feel like you have to write down other books that you might read at home, but don't worry about ever reading too much! :)

What We Are Learning

ELA- Characters and Setting
Writing Workshop- Initial Sounds, Pictures Matching Our Words
Math- Patterns, 2D and 3D Shapes, Number ID
Science- Five Senses

Parent Survey

Please take a moment to complete this brief survey on Parent Workshops to vote on the topics, dates and times that work best for your family. Our class is competing to win a popcorn party for whoever gets the most surveys completed, so be sure to complete your survey!
This also came home today in a paper form. You do not have to do both.