Clean Slate in Moore,Oklahoma

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"Help Moore to save more!"

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Background History

Moore, Oklahoma is known for it's humongous number of tornados there. Some of them are: The Moore and surrounding area Tornado-2013, Tornado Outbreak-1999

Oklahoma's Current Energy Use

-Natural Gas (+)

-Crude Oil (+)

-Coal (+)

Total Energy Consumed Per Capita- 421 (million Btu)

Energy Options for Moore

-Wind (There is a lot of wind there since the tornados are there, Expensive)

-Solar (Nonrenewable and Eco Friendly, Expensive to build in)

-Geo Thermal (Eco Friendly and Easy, Expensive)

-Biomass (Cheap and easy to use, Some Pollution)

Building Green

-Build Tornado Safe Walls on Buildings (For People to be safe in the inside, so the buildings won't tear down)

-Eco Friendly and Non Pollution Causing Energy Sources (More Pollution, More global Warming, which causes more natural destructions)

-Tornado Safe Building Structures (So that people can stay safe during a tornado)

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