Diary of Anne Frank


Theme 1

Theme is hope helps us stay positive in the worst experiences from diary of Anne frank. There was many time were the families stays in the attic and they have hope. Meip brings a cap down here. “Peace in nineteen forty four” (412). The war will end and they hope to get out of the annex. It was written on the cake because During the Hanukkah celebration a thief broke into the factory down below. All courage to face our fears.

Theme 2

Another theme is courage to face your fears. When there was a loud noise and Mr. Frank goes down there. “The danger has passed” . (408). There was a really loud noise down there but they didn’t make anymore noise. They can talk and laugh after six. But until then they can't talk and laugh.


Anne frank was born in Frankfurt germany. she decided to leave germany to escape from the nazi persecution. Anne received her diary at her 13 birthday. she goes hiding after margot and receive an order and she appears for deportation. Anne frank died in 1945.