4th Grade News

Mrs. Graver ~ May 5, 2016

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Learning Targets of the Week


*Round decimals to the nearest whole number or tenth

*Express a fraction as a decimal and a decimal as a fraction


*Identify prepositions and prepositional phrases

*Plan and Write a personal narrative

* Recognize and use homonyms, homophones, and homographs

Social Studies

Biography Project:

* Gather relevant information from print and digital sources

* Take notes and categorize information


* Perform measurement conversions with customary and metric units


* Recite the Sixth Commandment

* Appreciate the virtue of chastity in our relationships

* Understand that friendships are one way we grow in love and follow the Sixth Commandment

You're Kind of a Big Deal

4th Grade Field Trips:

Tacoma History Museum- We will be traveling to the History Museum on Thursday, May 26th from 9am-2:30pm. I need approximately 5 drivers that are able to transport at least 3-4 kids in their vehicle.

Falkner Tree Farm- We will head down south on Thursday, June 2nd, from 8:30am-3:00pm

If you are available to drive and have been cleared to chaperone, please email me which trip you are available for and how many kids you can take in your vehicle. AS OF NOW I HAVE ONLY 2 DRIVERS FOR EACH TRIP...IF YOU ARE ABLE TO DRIVE FOR EITHER TRIP PLEASE LET ME KNOW via EMAIL.

Please look for, complete, and return permission slips for both field trips found in your Thursday folder today.

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  • Friday, May 6th: All School Mass, May Crowning & May Pole Dance begin @ 9am
  • Tuesday, May 10th: Biography Project- Important Poem Final Draft due (typed in Google Classroom)
  • Friday, May 20th: May Passport Check (Last Passport Map of the year)