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This is an ideal career for visionary and creative thinkers like you! So you might be asking, what does a Naval Architect do? Well they are designers of ship structures, hulls, and compartments, they even design floating structures like Oil Rigs! You are also working closely with other engineers and boat builders to make the most technologically advanced ships in the ENTIRE world! Use one of a kind software to help make your dreams a reality! And if that is not enough then you will be pleased to know that Naval Architects make incredible starting pay at $87,770! All you need is either a master's or bachelor's degree in Naval Architecture from any college and you are all set!


See your idea come to life

Starting pay is really good


Alot of responsibilities

Design failures

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Want to work for the Military?

Yes, you can even be employed by the military and help build submarines and aircraft carriers, how cool is that!