Biology Newsletter

What is going on in Biology class?

Unit 5: The Cell Cycle and Mitosis

During this unit, the students will be learning about cell division. The cell cycle is the process through which cells undergo in order for the organism to grow or repair itself. This is also the process that becomes faulty, causing tumors to develop.

To Help Us Learn About The Cell Cycle, We Will...

First Nine Weeks Test

Each nine weeks, the students will take a cumulative test over Biology content. These tests serve to help teachers and students ensure that they are prepared for the Biology EOC in May. We took the first nine weeks test in class yesterday. This was a cumulative test over all of the material the students have learned so far. Overall, the kids did GREAT! Their individual scores can be viewed on your Skyward account.

Coming Up Next... DNA and Biotechnology!

In Unit 6, the students will learn about the structure of DNA, the scientists involved in its discovery, and electrophoresis!