Sanderson Academy Weekly Newsletter

June 10, 2021

News from Principal Emma Liebowitz

Please notice events and calendar highlights below. We will be sending report cards home with students on the last day of school. If your child is not in attendance that day, we will mail the report card. We look forward to celebrating graduation on June 25 at 1:00!

Retirements and Staff for Next Year

Karen Pedersen, currently teaching first grade, is retiring after 32 of years. Valerie Shippee, currently serving as the Sanderson Academy Library Manager and Paraprofessional is retiring after 35 years. We wish them the best!

Classroom Teachers for Next year:

Preschool - Amy Freeman

Preschool - Melanie Manley

Kindergarten - Sarah Forbes

First Grade - Kathleen Wyckoff

Second Grade - Jeannie Robertson

Third Grade - Carole Fisher

Fourth Grade* - Jennifer Lagoy

Fifth Grade - Claudia Johnson

Sixth Grade - Krissy Schreiber

*We are continuing to evaluate the need for a second fourth grade teacher based on the number of incoming fourth grade students.


June 14 - 18 Library Books Returned

June 14 - 18 - SPIRIT WEEK

June 16 - 1:50 Dismissal

June 17 - Field Day

June 22 - Field Day Rain Date

June 23 - Step Up Time (1:30-2:00)

June 23 - Full day of school - 3:05 Dismissal

June 24 - 12:30 Dismissal

June 25 - 12:30 Dismissal - LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!

June 25 - Report Cards go home

June 25 - 1:00 - Sixth Grade Graduation

Health Office News from Nurse Loranna

Summer is on the horizon and with it comes lots of summer health tips. Calamine lotion is a hot commodity here in the health office- lots of bug bites and poison ivy amongst our kiddos. A good way to remember how to avoid poison ivy is the phrase, “leaves of three, let it be” the leaves are pointed at the ends and shiny green in color. Country life will make it at times impossible to avoid! If you notice a rash forming, washing the area right away can help to prevent it from spreading- the oils from the leaves can leave a residue, so wash your hands afterward as well. Calamine lotion can provide comfort as well as keep it from spreading. Continue to apply sunscreen in the mornings- we try to spend a lot of time outdoors but are also keeping in mind the heat and safety- lots of mask breaks, water and rest can help with heat discomfort. Continue to send in with your child a water bottle, as well as dressed appropriately for the weather.

Heat exhaustion can present with increased sweating, feeling faint or dizzy, cool/clammy skin, rapid pulse. Best treatment for this is cooling down with a fan, cool cloth or cool shower, sips of water or re-hydrating fluids. Heat stroke is a medical emergency (and not very common in school age children- it usually effects adults over 65 or children under 4- since they are less efficient at regulating body temp) and it will present with a severe throbbing headache, no sweating, red/dry/hot skin, and possible loss of consciousness- this requires medical care and to call 911.

Stay cool out there- get to a lake or river, drink lots of water and don’t forget the sunscreen!

**Please continue to reach out to me if your child is absent due to illness so I can give the appropriate recommendations for their return and get them back to school as quickly as possible. Continue to refer to the return to school symptom checklist- and do not hesitate to reach out with any questions at Thank you so much!! **

Preschool News from Mrs. Freeman

We loved our special hike last week! There are so many beautiful things to observe in nature. This week we continued to be mindful on our walks and noticed a feather off to the side of the trail. We decided to leave it for others to enjoy!

Preschool News from Ms. Melanie

Our all-school hike was great fun! We joined our third-grade buddies and hiked the trail leading to Bug Hill. Once we passed through our outdoor classroom, it was new territory for many of us and quite exciting! We crossed over bridges and navigated big roots and squishy muddy sections on the trail. Our third-grade buddies were quick to lend a hand when needed, some even offering to carry backpacks for their younger buddies. We came to a lovely grove next to a stone wall and settled there for the rest of the morning. After snack, the third-graders and preschoolers worked together to build a big fort out of long sticks. Then they discovered a huge log to explore, some built fairy houses, and some chose to relax with their buddies and do coloring with crayons. There was a scavenger hunt when teams were asked to find things in nature, among them: something round, something new, something old, something yellow..there were many things to find and the teams worked hard to complete the hunt. The morning went by so fast! On our way back to school, we stopped in the outdoor classroom to let older grades go by. Group after group passed by, waving to us and saying hello-- just like a parade! Some groups were singing, many were laughing, there was such camaraderie and good spirits! It was a lovely day from start to finish. We would like to thank our third-grade buddies for all they did to make this a truly special day.

Kindergarten News from Ms. Sarah

This week we did our final "poem of the week" for this school year! Our poem was Make New Friends: Make new friends, but keep the old; one is silver and the other gold. A circle's round, it has no end--that's how long I'm going to be your friend. We sang the poem and looked at a slide show of pictures from our year together. Students drew an illustration of a favorite memory from kindergarten. Then we got to bring home our folders of a year's worth of collected poems to show our families! The kids really enjoyed looking back at some old favorites from earlier in the year and seeing how much they had grown in their work with the poems.

First Grade News from Mrs. Pedersen

First grade had a lot of fun on their hike. We enjoyed stopping and investigating ferns, a large rotted tree, vernal pool and birds. We have such beautiful school grounds and trail system. We are enjoying our math year in review. We are playing a variety of group games and quiet work as we look back at all the skills we have gained. We plan to make a memory book of our first grade experiences.

Second Grade News from Ms. Robertson

Though last Friday dawned with overcast skies, the day brightened and the weather proved to be perfect for our hike. The second grade took advantage of the Ashfield trail system and had a leisurely paced hike to the Bug Hill Road area. As we hiked, we stopped to read the signs that identified trees and other plant life along the trail. We also made predictions about things we observed, such as why large trees were uprooted in the middle of the woods, who built the stone walls, and why were the rusted frames from old machinery left beside the trail. It was fun to imagine the stories of the forest that the trees could tell if only they could talk. After eating our packed lunches and before hiking back to school, we spent some time playing cooperatively to build a group fairy house with items found in nature. The day was certainly enjoyed by all!

Third Grade News from Ms. Carole

Third Grade South had a magnificent day with our little buddies in the woods last Friday. The class started off by offering to carry their buddies' backpacks, and then we headed off down the trail. We stopped frequently and identified birdsongs along the way to our special woodsy spot half-way up Peters Hill. We spent the rest of the time enjoying the buddies. Buddy pairs were seen snacking, making forts together, doing a scavenger hunt, helping each other, and just sitting together talking. It was impressive to see how thoroughly the third graders in this class embraced the responsibility of having a little one to prioritize and look after. It was a valuable experience for all!

Third Grade News from Mrs. Wyckoff

Third graders had the most wonderful time hiking 4 miles up to Peter’s hill with our sixth grade buddies during our all school hike! Both third and sixth graders encouraged and then celebrated classmates accomplishments when coming to a challenging part of the hike. Support was quickly offered when someone was hurt or their bag became too heavy. Once at the top of Peter’s Hill buddies enjoyed lunch together followed by an activity of leading one another around to locate a tree and then being able to go back and locate the same tree based on different characteristics. Thank you sixth grade for being such a great bunch of buddies! We look forward to our next meet up with you all!

Fourth Grade News from Mrs. Lagoy

Even though the end of school is rapidly approaching, fourth graders are still busy at work, starting new units of study even. In science, we are learning all about energy. This week we were able to watch a couple of videos and illustrate pictures to demonstrate our understanding of heat energy and sound energy. We are really loving all of this new vocabulary. In math, we are learning all about angles. What a fun way to end the year together. This week we learned about five different types of angles. See if your kiddo can model, with their body, a zero angle, acute angle, right angle, obtuse angle and straight angle. Feel free to send in some photos :)

Mindful Movement with Ms. Sue

We have been using the Sanderson Nature/Fitness Loop and doing some Mindful walks!

It has been so hot and the kids have been asking to do another Mindful walk, so we did…seemed like each time we were getting back before the sprinkles! Many classes were able to complete the whole loop during out time together…we noticed sounds (mostly birds), sightings (feathers, Lady Slipper flower) nice breeze (even on a hot day) Keep enjoying walks and noticing things around you!

Big picture

Sanderson's 3 M's (Mantra, Moment & Movement)

If you can DREAM it, you can do it. ~Walt Disney

In our All School video last week, Ms. Duprey did the Flower/Birthday Candle breath.

She also quoted her favorite song from the Sound of Music.

“Climb every MOUNTAIN, forward every STREAM, follow every RAINBOW, until you find your DREAM!”

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Most of the kids have brought in their rock(s) and many of them have painted the base coat on, thanks to Ms. Carolyn, the art teacher!! So now start thinking about what you would like your Kindness Rock to could just the right message, at just the right moment, change someone's entire day, outlook, life!

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Speech and Language News from Trish Aurigemma

Answer to May’s Riddle of the Month: “Never gets here.” What is always coming but can never get here?

Answer: Tomorrow

Explanation: The word “tomorrow” means the day after today. So, when a day ends a new day begins, so “tomorrow” will always be in our future.

I hope you enjoyed the riddle. This was the last riddle for the school year. I hope you enjoyed the riddle challenges and the explanation. It is fun to play with words. Maybe you can find other riddles to think about this summer? It is a fun way to stretch our brains. Have a happy and healthy summer. I look forward to seeing you all again in the fall.

Sanderson Library News from Mrs. Shippee

Dear Sanderson Families,

This has been the year we ALL learned that technology, tenacity, cleanliness, and hard work would get us through! Virtual School definitely gave us new skills and possibilities for instructing and learning remotely. Kudos to Students, Parents, Families, and School Staff. (This incudes the Administrators to the Teaching and Academic Support Staff, Medical and Health and Safety Staff, Secretaries, Custodians, Kitchen Staff, IT People, Technology and Academic Program Trainers, Bus Drivers, and volunteers!) We were all patient, kind, and supportive with each other through it all, as well as during the transition back to actual classroom instruction! Whew! We Did It!

This part of the newsletter references the Library Notice that was sent home last week. Now that it's the second week of June, Sanderson Library Books need to be returned to by Friday June 11th. This is so that books can be checked in, repaired if necessary, and put back on their respective bookshelves before Summer Vacation begins in order to keep Our School Library Collection organized. We are doing the usual procedure of asking for the books to come back two weeks before school is dismissed. It has been a banner year for lending many books to INDIVIDUAL Classrooms, to families, and to students in the midst of such an unusual situation! I commend each family for helping to keep the enjoyment of reading going.

Here’s an additional note for Sanderson Families. I am retiring from being your school Librarian. Next year I'll still be seeing you from time to time, as I sometimes will be substituting in our school. It has been a pleasure to watch your families grow and flourish in our supportive school community.

Thank You for all of your help and support with the Annual Scholastic Sanderson Book Fair Fundraiser! You Rocked It Every Year! The BookFair monies helped Our Library to buy quality Library Rugs that are flame retardant and color fast, as well as stain, mold, and bacteria proof. These same funds also bought us many new books through Scholastic. The funds also paid for Our Junior Library Guild annual membership, which includes three new / upcoming books per month. Did I mention that the Book Fair funds bought some Library equipment, too? The bottom line here, is YOU, Sanderson Students and Families, Emma and Denise, Staff, PTO, and Volunteers. You made all of this great stuff possible!

I will truly miss seeing your children, your families, my Sanderson work family, and this beautifully scenic room, on a daily basis! Believe it or not, I'll also miss cataloging, covering, and repairing books! Thank You, Everyone, for so many meaningful and enjoyable conversations over the years and Thank You for All that you do for our community’s children. Please continue to support Our Wonderful Sanderson Academy Library!

As Always... Enjoy Reading with your child/ren!

Respectfully and Humbly,

Val Shippee

Sanderson Library Manager