_FaZe_ Firm

Jake daiker


you are one of my best friends but if your not gonna tell me the truth and just tell me you hacked the game and we will be fine but if not I am gonna make a plaintiff against you.


And not only that T Brizzle defendant you of doing the things that you have done i don't know whats wrong with you but it needs to change


you are telling a lie about not cheating and that is so complaint of you to do like out of all this time this is what i get repaid with thanks a lot


well the judge just got done calling my cell phone and she summons you to the court on the date which is two weeks from tomorrow you so darn welcome.


you better start pleading for mercy because if you don't you are in a world of trouble and i hope to see you as soon as possible thanks

Pretrial conference

Well you have to wait a little bit while the judge is having a pretrial conference to talk about what you have done and talk about what there gonna do.


well the judge said that if you don't start telling the truth and stop getting mad so easily you and that other guy would have to do mediation


well it does not seem like you doing a good job with each other so i think that you will have to need a arbitration to help you out for a while.


Well i don't know if the judge liked what you have done so far so there holding a trial for you

preponderance of evidence

well your gonna have to get a lawyer or someone to help you so that the preponderance would be on your side and not theres


well the verdict is going to go ahead and go before the judge to tell him what he thinks that he wants to do about this case


well for now the judge and all are going the talk and appeal on that they think about doing before the lower court.