Citing Sources Using Noodlebib

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

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Citing Sources Using Noodlebib at Berwick Academy

Creating A Bibliography/Works Cited Page Using NoodleBib

  • Select "Create New Project."
  • Give your bibliography/works cited page a title you'll easily recognize.
  • Select "MLA" for your citation format if you are in the MS. In the US, your citation format will be discipline-specific. For history papers in the US, select "Chicago Manual of Style."
  • Select "Junior" for citation level if you are in the MS. Select "Advanced" for citation level if you are in the US.

How to Cite Your Research Sources


What you need to know:

  • Author/Editor
  • Title
  • City of publication
  • Publishing company
  • Copyright date ©
  • Is the book part of a series? If so, does it have a volume number or a series number? Does it have a series title?
  • Is there a specific edition specified?
  • Is this a reference book (encyclopedia) or a regular book?
  • Is this an eBook?


What you need to know:

  • URL of database (web address: www....)
  • Name of database
  • Name of source where the database got this article from. Is there a journal volume number? A journal date?
  • Title of article
  • Author/editor of the article
  • Date most recently accessed
  • Date of article's publication
  • Check for Database Accession Number and/or DOI


What you need to know:

  • Author/Editor/Group responsible for content
  • Article title
  • Overall website title
  • Date you viewed the website
  • Date the article was published on the website
  • URL (web address: www....)

Ready to Start Citing Sources within your Noodlebib Project Page?

  • Click on "Sources."
  • Begin entering the bibliographic information as listed above.
  • If your source literally does not specify a piece of the information asked for, you must leave it blank. If you are not sure where to find the information, please just ask for help. Your teacher and/or your librarian will be happy to help you check to see if the information can be found!
  • When you have entered all possible information for a source, click "Submit." Noodlebib will not create your citation for that source in the proper format.
  • Keep adding sources under your project page until all of the sources you used are entered.
  • When you are ready, you will be able to export the whole bibliography/works cited page into a Word document, Google Drive document, or a PDF. Noodlebib will list all of your sources in the proper format in alphabetical order.

Ask your teacher or your librarian for help as needed!

Happy Noodlebibbing!

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