The Mulberry Tree

By: Jude Deveraux

Quote: I have read a few other books by Jude Deveraux and this one is the best. Very good story. Plot grips you and you want to read more. -Laura Beasley Good Reads

In the Mulberry Tree, a woman named Lillian has a rich husband named Jimmy. Suddenly, Jimmy dies on a plane crash. Jimmy left nothing to Lillian but an old farm house. Lillian is confused to why he would do that, but Jimmy's siblings, Walter and Atlantis, come and take the house, money, and Jimmy's business. See, Jimmy and Lillian were married "under age", Bailey was 17 and Jimmy 28. So Lillian went to the old farm house, and found it run down. A few weeks later, a house designer, Matt, comes to help rebuild the house.
Matt starts to develop feelings for Lillian, and Lillian feels the same but she isn't ready for another relationship yet. One day Lillian gets a letter from Phillip, Jimmy's lawyer. Its from Jimmy saying,"Find out what really happened to me and the Golden Six." So Lillian learns more about the "Golden Six" and finds out more than she hoped and why Jimmy's family got all the money and why he gave her the house she got. Read The Mulberry Tree to find out more about what actually happened years ago.
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