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April 1-5, 2019

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from Mike & J-

Vote Apr 2!

Your work and advocacy toward what is being voted on April 2nd has been noticed, and greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Cardinals Field Trip

Final call for Cardinals field trip numbers! Thanks to everybody for your help in pulling together ticket and lunch numbers for April’s field trip. If you have not already done so, information should be submitted at the following link →


Missouri Legislators have returned from their Spring Break. While the budget is their most pressing issue, we are not out of the woods concerning some critical issues that we expect another push on:

Charter School Expansion. There are two versions of this (HB 581 and SB 292). It is expected that SB 292 could debated on the floor as early as April 2.

Voucher Tax Credits. Also two versions of this (SB 160 and HB 478). These would siphon $25-50 million away from general revenue fund that is used fund teh foundation formula. Worse, both bill permit discrimination by private schools (race, gender, religion, disability, etc.)

School Start Date. The two versions both come from the House of Reps - HB 161 and HB 401. Both bills prevent schools from starting school any earlier than 14 calendar days before Labor Day.

Mandatory Reading Intervention. Three bills (SB 73, SB 349, and HB 464), all of which require districts to undertake a different methodology for teaching students how to read using a strict, prescriptive program, with no new monies from the state for implementation.

With all of these, we may be calling upon you to contact (again) the appropriate Senator or Representative to let them know how these measures would impact you. Thanks for advocating what is best for public education within the arenas that you serve.

Focus School Meeting, Apr 4

The final Focus School Meeting is this coming Thursday, Apr 4, 8:30-10am at Bentley Administration Center. While past meetings have been Focus and Friends, this meeting is intended for Focus Schools only. Those of you who have been attending as "Friends," please consider this the gift of time.


Sunday, March 31st, 9:15am

2000 North Lyon Avenue

Springfield, MO

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The final chat of this #iTeachMO season is just around the corner. The theme Make an Impact continues as we discuss “It’s Not Over Yet!” This chat is connected to Indicator #2.1, 4.2, and 5.3 and explores engagement until the end of the year.

The power of the chat comes from a variety of educators learning together. Please encourage participation as you seem fit!

Tuesday, April 9, 8CT by following #iTeachMO on Twitter.

Poverty Impacts A Teacher's Ability to Teach...

From one of our own: "we know that we need each other's support, and we're not afraid to say that and lean on each other, but that is definitely something that keeps everybody going as well,"