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Staff Edition vol. 3

***Overdue library books! ***

Believe it or not we're only about 6 weeks from the end of the school year! If your advisory is doing any spring cleaning, please keep an eye out for library books. In lockers, on top of bookcases and in backpacks seem to be popular places for them to hide at school.

If a book has been lost, students should bring in a new or used copy of the same book or $10 to replace the book, whichever is easiest for their family. Thank you for your assistance in keeping our lost books to a minimum.

**If you have any class sets that need to be returned, please let me know and I'll come pick them up.**

Please ask students to return school chromebooks if they are no longer using them.

Many students who did not have access to a computer borrowed one from the library, If one of your students is still using the computer, he/she should continue to do so, however if something has changed and they now have access to a computer, they should bring the one they borrowed back to the school as soon as possible. The remainder will be collected during the week before Endersession for HS and the second to last week of school for MS.

New Book Suggestions

Click here to let me know what you'd like to see on our shelves.

April was National Poetry Month!

Students have been having fun making poems using the magnetic poetry style words and board here in the library. We held a contest where students submitted their poem to the IACS Library instagram account and the winner of the poetry contest was

Georgia Row! Congratulations!

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Thank you for encouraging your students to return their overdue library books.

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Wednesday 8-12:30 (or 3 if it's a full day Wed)

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