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November 2015


Early Childhood is in full-swing with the implementation of their curriculum, and are in the process of connecting their common formative assessments from it to the newly developed standards-based report cards. Their drive for consistency and common language among students moving from the Pre-K realm to Elementary is not to go unrecognized!

Elementary Buildings have been busy hosting various family and community connections like KIT, Family Night, Grandparent's Day, DARE Graduation, and other celebrations. These sessions play an integral role in the relationship between the school and families, and the school and community.

Secondary School hosted the Veterans' Day program, and as always, did an incredible job. Comments were made by many regarding the excellence and quality of the presentation, the respectful nature of the student body, and the work put forth by the Student Senate, Choir, Band Members and others.

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Strategies for Participation & Questioning and Daily 5/Cafe Implementation


Ever wonder how to improve student participation without using traditional methods such as "random call", "think-pair-share" and "turn and talk"? Check out TALK MOVES to encourage students to dive deeper into thinking by learning how to LISTEN to each other.

QUESTIONING techniques also help students begin to move beyond the realm of recall and memory.


This VIDEO shows how a 1st Grade Teacher Implemented Daily 5 using Powerpoint as a structural tool for rotations. This alleviates her need for a TIMER, and the need to move student groups to their new stations/centers/learning circles/etc.

This VIDEO is of a 4th grade teacher embedding curriculum integration methods into Daily 5 structure.

Curriculum and Instruction

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