Here to improve the economy !


Obese people create many problems for the world. Obese people are portrayed as lazy, so they won’t get jobs. If they don’t get jobs then the economy gets worse because they aren’t doing anything with their life, they might as well be homeless. One main reason we need a solution to this problem is our tax funds they go to the fat, lazy people when they are not even doing anything while theirs actually some hard workers out their working for themselves which might not seem fair to them.



The solution to this major problem around the world is for the obese to starve themselves by super gluing their mouth closed shut, and inserting a small tube into their side stomach giving them enough liquids to survive we will keep this procedure going on for a year or more till we see improvement in our economy. The super glue is so they won’t give into temptation of eating its very challenging to starve oneself especially the obese because they are so used to all that greasy food in their mouth , like everyone says they are on a “sea food diet” they see it they eat it. That’s why the super glue is there to help. The solution will not only help the obese but the economy too it will give us time to improve our economy without all these lazy people in our way.