Marketing Research Analyst

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Job Information

Marketing research analysts study and predict the sales of products and services. They research the market and find out how people react to certain products. They ask questions such as: How much do consumers think the product is worth? Which consumers is it popular with? Which consumers dislike it, and why? After evaluating all of the data, an analyst writes a report on the product so that businesses can use it as a reference.

Are you analytical,patient, and persistent? Do you have research skills and communication skills??? If so this job may be for you!

Required Training & Where to Get Training

Wages and Income

Most market research analysts earn between $33,000 and $111,000 a year. As experience and expertise increase, so does income. Median annual earnings in this field are approximately $61,000.
In Georgia the wages start at $20.53 hourly($42,710 annually) on the entry level and end at $39.38 hourly($81,910 annually) at the experienced level.

Job Setting

Analysts usually work alone in office environments. However, sometimes they work on research teams. They also spend time on interviewing people or focus groups about products and services.

Do you have a great personality? Are you nice, friendly, and do you have good communication skills? If these personality traits fit you, then check out the following job opening!

This job opening is an entry level job in Norcross, Georgia for Cl Radar. The income rate is $30,000 - $32,000 a year. "The best fit for this job will be someone who can quickly scan through documents to find important and relevant information, conduct online research, and analyze results of research. You must be a problem solver who enjoys working autonomously and be comfortable working on a computer. No experience necessary but a college degree is required.Perks of the job include a casual dress code, friendly atmosphere, flexible work hours, paid vacation time, work from home time, pet-friendly environment, and awesome co-workers." Visit for more information.

A Few More Fun Facts!

  • Marketing Research Analysts may travel a lot.
  • Some analysts conduct polls on topics not related to a specific product or service, some polls are related to social interactions.