Welcome to Sudan!

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Planning to come and visit Sudan?

If you're a tourist planning to travel to this beautiful country, you have to make sure you get to the right places! From the hidden kingdoms of Meroe to the beautiful modern architecture.


Planning to come and visit Sudan? It is located in Africa right below the Tropic of Cancer and above the equator. It neighbors with countries such as Egypt, Eritrea, The Red Sea and a lot more. Easiest ways of Travel to Sudan is by Plane. From Florida it would mean traveling across the Atlantic Ocean. Approximately 20 hours, and 30 minutes in flight. the price would handle around $1,732.00 for one round trip.

What should I do here?

There's a lot of questions you could ask yourself when coming over to Sudan. Simple questions like, What tourist attractions should I visit? How would I use transportation? Is it safe to stay here? Do they comprehend English or will I have to know foreign language? This flyer can surely come to help you.
While you're in Sudan there is many ideas and treks you can explore. From the hidden kingdoms of Meroe, all the way to Sudan's beautiful buildings and architecture. In Sudan, most will understand English but the language here is Arabic. The easiest ways to get around will be by car if you can either rent one or grab a taxi.

Holidays to celebrate!

While you're in Sudan, there's some fun and exciting events that you can head out to. Such as Sufi Holiya; which is a huge celebration to recognize cultural brotherhood and kinship. It involves a whole lot of Singing and dancing, to old historic tunes with lots of music and food. For tourists, it's surely a great celebration to visit and experience.

Hope you enjoy your stay!

It is not recommended to stay in Sudan, for the country has been in bad terms with it's neighboring countries for a long time.