Digital Learning News 5-17-16

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Digital Learning Twitter Chat- TONIGHT from 8:00 - 8:30pm

Whether you are Marvel or DC fan, superheros are always fun to watch.

Just search #bisddlp on Twitter beginning at 8:00pm this evening to view and participate in tonight's Digital Learning Chat.

Here are tonight's questions:

Introduce yourself.

Q1: If you had a super-power that was tech-related, what would it be? What would your superhero name be?

Q2: If you had a tech-related “kryptonite”, what would it be?

Q3: Imagine your favorite superhero having a favorite technology tool or site. What hero, what tool, and why?

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Digital Learning Blog Teacher Spotlights

BISD students are engaged in a variety of learning opportunities each day. Visit the Digital Learning Lounge blog to learn more about how teachers are using technology tools and resources that engage students in learning!

Teacher and Student Spotlights!

Smithfield MS: Davee Clark, Smore, Storyboard That, StoryCube for mythology writing products

North Oaks MS: John Garcia, Smore for research product

OH Stowe ES: 2nd graders, iMovie for book trailers

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Grow Your Mind: Learning Opportunities for YOU!

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BISD Learns in 3-D!

Click here to see course offerings and register today!
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What is blended learning?

Click here to learn definitions and see models of blended learning. Birdville ISD has been named one of five demonstration sites for the state!

Now's the Time to Get Your Project Innovate iPad!

If you haven't received your Project Innovate iPad yet, now is your opportunity! Login to Eduphoria! and sign up now for an afternoon when you can attend training to receive your iPad. There are seven new sessions that begin at 4:00 or 4:30 PM in the coming weeks.

Approximately one week prior to training you will receive an email with a flipped learning experience that gives you prior learning and tasks that will be required before training.

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Resources for Learning

Elementary Tip of the Week: Google Edu Training Center

Google for Education Training Center is designed to help teachers learn how to meaningfully integrate Google Apps For Education (GAFE) tools in the classroom. If you are looking to get started or learn more about GAFE, this is a great resource for you!

Elementary App of the Week: Twitter

Twitter is a growing and respected tool for creating a Professional Learning Network (PLN). We encourage all staff to create professional Twitter accounts to create and grow their own PLN.
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Teacher Technology Tool of the Week: Flippity!

Flippity is a site that takes a Google Sheet and creates different games and other functions. Teachers can use rosters and lists for a variety of products in Flippity.

Student Technology Tool of the Week: WeVideo!

WeVideo is a Chrome extension that makes video editing easy and editable anywhere.
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Kelli Montgomery @KelliM11, Director of Digital Learning

Cheryl McKnight @cherylmck, Coordinator of Digital Learning

Karen Teeters @karenteeters222, Online Learning Specialist

Jennifer Miller @steamlearnlab, Learning Resources Specialist


Jennifer Canizares @jcanny72

Birdville, WT Francisco, Binion, Mullendore, Snow Heights, Porter, Spicer

Toni Hylander @technologytoni

Smithfield, Cheney, Stowe, Watauga, Foster Village, North Ridge, Walker Creek

Jeff Samuelson @jeff_samuelson

David E Smith, Richland, West Birdville, Holiday Heights, Hardeman, ACFT, Green Valley


Michael Hanson @Hansonits

Haltom HS, Haltom MS, Richland MS, North Ridge MS

Rashel Larson @rashellarson

Birdville HS, BCTAL, Smithfield MS, North Richland MS

Tosh McGaughy @ToshMcGaughy

Richland HS, Shannon HS, North Oaks MS, Watauga MS

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