seven day detox

14 Day Detox

Detox Diet Fruit and Veggie Cleanse - Easy Way to Lose 13 Pounds in 2 Months Why do a detoxification diet?

Properly for me it was a mix of several things. Maybe you can link to a number of my reasons to give a 7 Day Detox a try.

-I was feeling lethargic rather than dynamic in the morning. This might have been due to my worry eating at night and I wanted to discontinue that terrible trend.

-I just felt more ache-y in my body. Hey, I know I am getting older but overall I just did not feel healthy and vibrant.

For those three reasons above I determined to embark on a detox diet cleanse and see if I could turn my low energy, "not feeling healthy," getting super pudgy body around. Sounds-like a tall order right? I thought so too.

What I hoped, however, was it could help me "shock" my system back into submission and get me headed in a *healthier direction and of-course I wanted to lose some pounds at the same time.

I decided to do a 14 day fruit and vegetable cleanse.

What I enjoyed about it was that I could eat essentially all that I cared to eat (so would not be starving) - the I catch was that whatever I ate had be only fruits and vegetables. And the vegetables and fruits had to be RAW - no cooking for 14 days. That may seem drastic, but without a doubt it wasn't as tough as I thought it would-be. I followed through with the whole fortnight and I was not starving the entire time. I even created some rather creative and delicious raw fruit and vegetable dishes that I still want to eat to this very day.

I lost 13 pounds and that completely rocked! I felt a much more lively - probably because I cleansed out a lot of trash from my body's system. And overall my body just felt better. I think if you're doing the best one for you - the results are quite cool and you cannot fail.