Writing 101 For Dummies

How to Survive Language Arts in 7th Grade!

Quick Tips

1) Use proper grammar.It doesn't have to be perfect,but if you are writing hieroglyphics that nobody can understand, you can be sure you will fail.

2) Stay focused on the topic at hand. If you are writing a story about your dog, don't spend a paragraph explaining your love of cats.

3) Make dialogue meaningful, and only if needed.

4) Make it school appropriate, this is self explanatory.

What is the Writing Process?

The writing process includes five steps. These includes; prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing. That mean that you will have to write a very messy and handwritten draft then you make a few more each time improving on your mistakes then you need to read your best one and point out your mistakes and your sentence structure and all that. Then you write your best draft with all of the editing you did that is when you think your paper or book is at its best you smack your name on it then you find a publisher and have it published.

Types of Writing and What You Must Include

There are a number of types of writing you may have to write about. These are included but not limited to; a personal narrative or a memoir. All types of fictitious writing include an exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution. An exposition is the beginning of the story, usually introducing your characters. A rising action usually introduces the conflict. The climax and falling action usually include the characters facing their problem, and the resolution is the problem being solved.

Here is a good website for learning how to start writing