Beowulf Flyer

By Amanda and Noah

The hero is introduced in his ordinary world

this is true because in the story when he was introduced it said on line 109 "in his far-off home Beowulf, Higlac's follower and the strongest of the Geats-greater and stronger than anywhere in this world-" this shows that he is in his normal world because everyone knows about him and he is the strongest of them all.
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The hero passes the first threshold

The fight with Grendel was the first threshold. This is shown by line 340 "The battle was over, Beowulf had been granted new glory" him winning this battle got people to believe in him and make him even more well-known than he already was. He proved himself by winning against the biggest monster known.

The hero encounters tests and helpers

In this story Beowulf encounters several tests. One example of a test he encountered was getting the people to believe he could win against Grendel. Another example of a test is the actual battle with Grendel and then the battle with Grendel's mother. He gathered up all the strongest Geats to help and support him with the battle with Grendel but not in the battle with Grendel's mom.
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The hero endures the supreme ordeal

Beowulf endured the supreme ordeal while fighting for life or death in the battle with Grendel's Mother. He almost died and had just about given up. But just as he was about to let go and stop trying, he decided he had to pull trough.

The hero reaches the innermost cave

He reached the innermost cave in Grendel's mothers lair during their battle. In her lair was where he almost died and this shows that this was the lowest point in his life so far. He was so close to death but he still pulled through and won the battle and also took home a souvenir to show all the Geats his success.
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The hero seizes the sword

Close to the end of the battle between Beowulf and Grendel's Mother he has no weapons and he is near death and notices a sword. This isn't just any sword though, it's a magical sword so when his man-made weapons could not harm the witch, the magical sword could. He then snatched it off the wall it had been hanging on and he ended up winning the battle.
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