Significant Statistical Findings

Greenland & United States

All of the graphs shown below describe how food really affects the human population

The data stresses how much more isolated Greenland is compared to the U.S, and how it is hard for Greenland to get as much of a variety of foods as the U.S.

Population Graph

This graph proves that since the U.S is more developed and has easier access to a large variety of foods, more people live there. On the otherhand, Greenland is more isolated and less built up, so it is harder to get access to resources.

***Note: The United States really has more then 200,500,000 people, but due to the large difference in populations between countries, the data shown on the graph had to be altered with.

Life Expectancy Graph

This set of data proves that since the U.S has more access to a variety of food, they life a longer life because they have the choice of what to put in their bodys (Example: all organic foods)

Obesity Graph

This graph proves that since the U.S had more access to processed and artifical foods, their obesity rate is higher than Greenland's

Sugar Consumption Graph

This set of data is showing how the U.S eats more sugar than Greenland. So therefore, Greenland is healthier.

Meat Consumption Graph

Greenland and the U.S both consume similar amounts of mear per year, but for different reasons. The U.S eats a lot of meat because they have easy access to it, while Greenland has to have it to get the protien they need. Also, they two countries consume different kinds of meats. The U.S eats mostly beef of pork, while Greenland eats seal, polar bear, and fish due to their cold climate.

# of McDonalds Stores

The fact that the U.S has over 12,000 McDonald stores while Greenland has zero really proves how much processed and fake food America has opposed to Greenland. Therefore, Greenland has a healither lifestyle.