Paper Things

By: Megan Manning

Bring the Eastland Elementary traditions back!

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Author: Jennifer Jacobson

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"One of the best things about the Eastland Elementary traditions is that they let everyone feel like part of the same community..."

These traditions were a source of fun and entertainment for the students, during the school day. The students always had something fun to look forward every so often. These traditions used to take place, but once the old principal was replaced by Mr. Chandler, they ended. An example of one of these traditions is the snowflake tradition. For this tradition, when the first snowfall of the season happens, everyone drops what they're doing and makes paper snowflakes. Afterwards, these snowflakes get hung around the school. The Eastland Elementary traditions bring fun, entertainment, and connections to the community. They make sure no one is left out and everyone is included.