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What's Up? Classroom and Communications Skills Program

February 18th - February 27th

It takes a village......

It was a full week of preschool last week! YIPPEE! Let's do a cheer!

Just a BIG thank you to all of our EC families for making things so special for their kiddos and being supportive of the things we do in our CCSP classroom! I will never be able to stress enough that when home and school connect - GREAT THINGS HAPPEN! Thanks for all of the Valentine goodies as well! Our bellies will be full of yummy things!

Ms. Leslie :)

Guess What's Coming Up?

For the next couple of weeks we will driving on down the road with TRANSPORTATION! We will be exploring our theme of transportation, which seems to be a "fan favorite!" The wheels will be going round and round at Circle, as well as the horns will be honking with our Big Trucks song, and The Wheels On The Bus! We will be listening to the different sounds some special cars make - like a police car, or a fire engine, even an ambulance! We will be reading and singing stories about cars, planes, trains, and more! We will be matching objects to pictures, as well as putting our pictures at Circle on a school bus! Buckle your seat belts! We're on the go!

Stoplight Special Snack!

On Thursday, February 26, we will be making a special snack to eat during our snack time routine! We will be "painting" bread and making stoplight toast! The snack will consist of white bread, milk, food coloring, and butter! Please send me an email at to let me know if your child is allowed to have our special snack! Kiddos love to watch the toast "pop" out of the toaster!

Thanks so much!

Miss Tina's Tidbits!

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It's time for our next lesson about "PLAY" in our 5 Part series from "Let's Grow Speech" series. This seems so easy but takes time and patience in allowing your child to be in charge of the play. Play pushes you to take time out of your busy schedule to stop and get down on the same level as your child. Seems so easy but many parents tell me they don't know how to play with their child and need help on "how" to engage their child in play to help expand their play and language skills.

The biggest key is to remember is to "follow their lead" in your child's play. Let your child pick an activity to play and then you can jump in and repeat their words and actions, expand their language by making comments about "what" they are doing, and then add descriptors (colors or sizes) or concepts (numbers or spatial concepts) too. Make sure to stop and "wait" for back and forth communication within this play scheme or make comments about their play in parallel play schemes to give them words or actions if they are not verbalizing. Keep it simple and have fun.

Please watch the attached video as it is a really nice example of how we can imitate and expand your child's speech and language skills within play by simply following their lead in play.

I challenge you to videotape your play with your child and then go back and watch it together. This allows for additional opportunities to repeat and review their play and many kids LOVE to watch themselves in action as they benefit from visual prompts/video models to increase understanding of how to play. Plus, this is a great way to record and watch their progress blossom right in front of your eyes!

Have fun!

Miss Tina

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Playing with Your Child During Speech and Language Therapy (Part 3)

Let's Get Messy......Sensory Ideas for Home!

For the next couple of weeks we are exploring transportation and things that go! Several fun ideas popped in my head for you to try at home! Have a car wash! "Dirty" up some vehicle toys you have at home and then give them a wash! Don't forget the bubbles! The more bubbles the better! Use trucks/diggers/cars to drive through "mud pudding!" A yummy treat and fun sensory experience! And last, with all of the snow we've had, have a snow plow day! Use shaving cream and "push" it around with toy vehicles you might have! They will need to hit the car wash too! Have fun being on the go with transportation!

EC Parent Information Night with Laura Rinderknecht

Wednesday, Feb. 19th, 6-7pm

12451 Brooks School Rd

Fishers, IN

Please remember - childcare drop-off starts at 5:45 p.m. I hope to see you there!

We've Got Skills!

In this section of our newsletter you will find skills we work on in our classroom. Some skills, you will notice, might be listed quite a lot, but they are skills that we are continually working on now and always! The rest of the list consists of things that may go with our theme, or they are newer skills we are trying to acquire! We always keep in's all a process! OH, and please don't think this list is all we work on! These are highlights of our hard daily work!

  • Sharing materials
  • Following our classroom routine, using a picture schedule
  • Taking something off of the flannel board, or placing a picture on to a picture or flannel board
  • Simple motor imitations (clapping hands, tapping legs, waving, giving high five's)
  • Working on "giving up" materials when we say, "1,2,3 my turn."
  • Isolating a point when we ask to "point to," or "touch ______"
  • Responding to directions such as, "come here, stop, walk with me"
  • Matching objects to pictures using vehicles and vehicle books
  • Recognizing friend's pictures and names!
  • Responding to directions such as, "come here," "stop," or "walk with me."
  • Counting objects, pictures. etc., anything we can count and work on one to one number correspondence

Check out what we are learning!

Special Notes and Upcoming News/Events

  • EC PARENT NIGHT - reschedule! This will be a great night filled with LOTS of information and practical tips to use every day! Wednesday February 19th 6-7 p.m. at Brooks School Elementary! Hope to see you there!
  • No School on Monday February 17th in observation of President's Day!
  • We WILL be at school on Tuesday February 18th! This was originally a flex day, however it is now one of our snow make-up days!


In the recent past, the early childhood program has had their own yearbook. This year the early childhood students will be included in each individual school's yearbook! Yeah! Further helping build capacity and presence inour elementary schools! Yearbooks are now on sale . Order forms will be coming home in your child's folder next week. If you would like to order, please send back the order form with payment by Friday, March 1st. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Check This Out.....

Below you will find links to a couple of fun videos that we will be using over the next couple of weeks! One goes along with a book that we will be reading, "And We All Go Traveling By," which introduces us to many forms of transportation that go and sounds/movements we can make for these vehicles! The other video highlights our favorite Pete the Cat and he's driving a bus! Doesn't get much better than that! Have fun moving and grooving! :)
We All Go Traveling By (US)
The Wheels on the Bus - Pete the Cat

Thanks for taking the time and having the patience to read to the end of our newsletter!