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Kims transition to Kindergarden

Transition Meetings

A transition plan is in place for Kim to assist her in making a successful transition from daycare to kindergarten and to also further her education and community living.

We will ensure that all of Kim's needs are met by identifying her goals while providing her with the appropriate levels of support.

We hope to work with your family as a collaborative team that includes

an occupational therapist, language therapist, physiotherapist, special education teacher, guidance teacher, Education assistants and community health care provider. We all hope to build a positive and comfortable environment for Kim and your family to build and learn together to ensure a positive and effective transition for Kim.

What to expect during Transition Meetings

The transition meeting is a great opportunity for parents and educator to come together to plan for specific goals for Kim during the transition with timelines and continual guidance from all support staff and agencies involved. We will be sure to identify the needs of Kim while encouraging, promoting and reviewing her progression.

Resources for your Family

See you soon Kim!