Francisco Pizarro


Francisco Childhood

Francisco was born in 1476 in Trujillo,Spain.He was born as a illegimate child.That means born with parents that are not married to each other.His dad was a poor farmer.His mother was a humble heritage.He grow up not learning how to read.Instead,he heared his farthers pigs.When he was a kid he heard tales of a new world and was seized by a lost for a fortune and adventure.And that's how he became a explorer.

March To The Sea

In 1513,Pizarro joined conquistador Vasco Nunez De Balboa in his march to the "South Sea"across the lsthus of Panama.During their journey Balboa and Pizzaro discovered what is now know as the Pacific Ocean,although Balboa allegedly spied it first,and was therefore credited with the oceans first European discovery.

Reconnaissance Vayages

In 1524,Pizzaro teamed up with navigator Diego De Almagro and priest named Fernanodo De Lugue.The first of there reconnaissance voyages went as far as the San Juan River.The next gave Pizarro the Chance to explore further south along the coast.In the meantime,Pizarro Chief navigator,Bartonme Ruiz, forged accurs the equator and then returned with word of those regions sath of the equator
Francisco Pizarro - Mini Biography