By: Melvin and Dj


It is very cold in the winter and very hot in the summer, so the best time to visit is between summer and winter.

By: Melvin


literacy rate: 38.2%

GDP per capita: 1,937$

population: 31.8 million

Imports: food, motor vehicle ect...

Exports: carpets, natural gas, dried fruit, wool, cotton, ect.... By:Melvin


Type: Islamic republic

role of citizens: woman have to wear hoods on their heads. Woman have less freedom than men. By: Melvin

Physical features

1. Mountains dominate the central and the eastern part of Afghanistan.

2. Most rivers sources come from the mountains.

3. Aghanistan is mostly dry.

By: DJ


Holidays: Nowrose (New Years) and Ashura (day of mourning.)

Language: Pashtu and Dari

Sports: Dog fighting

Food: Rice, vegetables, fruit, yogurt, ect....

Religions: Islam, and Sunni Islam

Schools: Razia's Ray of hope. The people there are very happy to go to school. By: DJ