Welcome to the country of Thálassa

By: Brianna Kulich and Josiah Plum

Welcome to Thálassa!

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Welcome to the country of Thálassa

The country of Thálassa is a large country that includes streams, rivers, forests, lakes, plateaus, deserts and are all surrounded by oceans.We are a country of 317.8 million people. Our primary language is english, but everyone in school is required to learn at least 2 other languages. They can choose from Malay-Indonesian, Arabic, Spanish, French, Bengali and Mandrin. Anyone has the option of joining the military when they become 18 years of age. After military duty, all veterens have their college education paid by the government. All citizens are able to purchase whatever healthcare plan they want as Thálassa is a free market capitalist country.The retirement age is 64 to 70 for both men and women. Everyone pays 25% of their salary in taxes.

Six Freedoms for all Citizens

  • Freedom from discrimination
  • Freedom of religion
  • Freedom of speech
  • Freedom of owning property
  • Freedom to bear arms
  • Freedom of voting

Four things that are illegal

  • Treason
  • Murder
  • Drugs - using and selling
  • Stealing

Type of Government

The reason we chose representative democracy for Thálassa is because it gives people the right to freely do businesses the way they want, have jobs and own companies with only a small amount of government oversight. It also gives people the freedom to vote for whoever they want to represent them at the legislative and executive level of government.

The reason we didn’t choose any of the other government for Thálassa is because they overrule and dictate everything everyone is doing. They do not give the people a choice and force them to do whatever the government feel suits the people. In Thálassa, leaders will be picked by the voting of all registered citizens. The president will be limited to a maximum of two terms as to not allow a dictatorship to form. There will also be open elections for those who will be on the legislative branch of the government. Term limits will be enforced also as the key to success in this form of government is the continued new ideas that come from newly elected officials.

Type of Economic System

The type of economic system Thálassa would have would be capitalism because it gives people more freedom to achieve success. It leads to a political system which is firmly rooted in the freedom where people can achieve what they want based on how hard they work. History has proved this method of economic system will create a lasting structure for a country to prosper and be a world leader in every segment of business.

Socialism and Communism were reviewed and did not prove to be viable options for Thálassa. Both of these options are based in having a central government function in setting the supply and demand of the country's economy. This leads to higher taxes for all residents, gross waste of labor and less than optimal use of raw materials. It also does not support any viable export products for the country as they do not have the quality or cost to compete in the world economy. History has shown both these economic systems to struggle with being competitive and cost effective on a global scale.

System of government

The system of government that Thálassa would have would be a Federal system because, it allows people the freedom of letting citizens elect many of the public officials at the local jursidiction level. This structure of goverment allows citizens to elect those officials who serve in the legislative, judical and executive branches. In having elections for officals at all levels, Thálassa politicians will be able to work up from local levels to the federal level while gaining solid experience to make them more effective in their roles.

Another positive for adopting this system of goverment is the checks and balances that come from having the 3 branches of government. No one branch can gain too much power which allows for a more representative goverment of the voting citizens of the Thálassa.

Fun things to do in Thálassa

Fun things that you can explore in Thálassa are

  • Biggest aquarium in Thálassa ( which includes rare squid, fastinating fishes and captivating sea creatures )
  • Greek Week ( Once a year Thálassa host's a week based off of greece which includes greek food, greek entertainment which include Traditional music with harps, pipes and other handmade instuments. and greek traditions.
  • Oedipus Rex By: Sophocles ( Which is one of the most best known classical dramas Performed in 429 BCE in greece.)
  • Greek Mythology/god theme park which includes posidean wave pool, Fly with Zeus, Aphrodite's secret garden and Ares battle field.
  • Thálassa's largest water based muesuem (which includes Ancient fossils/bones, paintings from greek times and unearthed artifacts .)
  • The leaning tower of Athena ( which includes information about each greek god, hands on making greek pottery and a play that sponsors the Athens.)