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Women Encouraging Women! That's what it's all about! All women are invited to attend our monthly workshop where we have created a safe confidential outlet for adult women of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences in our community to come together to encourage, uplift, edify, and empower one another during our monthly sessions exploring different topics.

Processing Emotional Garbage

During our September session we will explore the challenging topic of emotions, coping mechanisms, and release difficult emotions. Join us as women share healthy ways to overcome, and move from unhealthy to healthy processes.

Emotional Processing

Experiencing a myriad of emotions is not uncommon for women. Our journey through this life brings us face to face with challenges daily. Some are brief and many linger for days, weeks, months, years, and yes even decades which can have a residual effect on every aspect of our lives.

Processing, and releasing negative emotions play an integral part in our progress. Some of the negative emotions we may encounter might be anger, confusion, shame, fatigue, guilt, resentment, fear, grief, rejection, or hopelessness just to name a few! Phew! The challenge is not to let the negative emotions we encounter outweigh the positive experiences and feelings of love, happiness, contentment, gladness, thankfulness, elation, happiness, and joy !

Thinking about women who have experienced a lot of pain, disappointment, and struggles leads me to Hannah in I Samuel. Hannah dealt with sadness, frustration, jealousy, torment, helplessness, anger, low self worth, and many more extreme emotions year after year coping with infertility, and polygamy. She cried out to Lord and said,"I am a woman deeply troubled!" 1 Samuel 1:15

Coping with past decisions, and regrets can also be a source of stress! We cannot change the past, but we can learn from mistakes and use them as stepping stones to our future! If we allow him, our Heavenly Father is with us every step of the way, and even when we misstep or make the wrong choices he is still there to guides us and take us through!

Struggling with emotions or having difficulty coping with the past? Contact Alicia Hicks for confidential individual counseling sessions at 484-288-0078.

Saturday, Sep. 6th, 11am

1023 Valley Road

Hockessin, DE

Women's Encouragement Workshop