Goals Based Evaluation


What support is needed to prepare and assist school communities with implementation of the DLE Initiative?

Goal #1

Increase the number of students that I work with in regards to technology usage and


  • Research and share best practices with students and staff
  • Integrate PBL into technology offerings
  • Use available school and district devices
  • Assist schools in selecting and acquiring appropriate technology tools
  • Continually improve my personal knowledge, use and skill of using various technology tools for the benefit of the end user

Goal #2

Increase the focused support for teachers to build their capacity to integrate research

activites into the curriculum.

  • Disseminate relevant data highlighting resources and instructional strategies that teachers can use in their class rooms on a daily basis
  • Ensure understanding of research models and practices
  • Integrate the accountability for learning standards into training activities
  • Provide training on best practices for technology integration and observe best practices in each classroom in each school
  • Showcase students research activities and products

The Super 3

Goal #3

Empower parents and community members to better utilize technology resources.

  • Partner with schools to develop technology literacy events
  • Collaborate with various departments to engage and support parents/families use of technology tools
  • Develop and disseminate informational materials for parents and families.
  • Design and present training opportunities and resources for parents and other stakeholders
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Reading Parade - Gadsden Elementary