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April 2015

Focus on Teaching Ideas

This issue of the Media Minute has a focus on teaching concepts in a digital environment. As we begin to move to 1:1 for the entire school, it will change the ways in which we teach; however, with the recent change with My Big Campus, we realize that it is still important to teach well, no matter the format. Send me an email (rryoung@avon-schools) or Tweet (@ahsbooks) and let me know if you find any of the articles or images useful. I'd love to hear your thoughts and open a conversation.
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Don't Forget Two Summer Learning Opportunities

Summer of e-Learning

The Summer of e-Learning sponsored by the IDOE is upon us once again. This would be a great year to try one of these tech conferences and they are either free or very reasonably priced and is a great way to get some additional training as we migrate to 1:1.

EdCamp Indy

Friday, June 12 at Raymond Park Middle School in Warren Township in Indianapolis (8575 E. Raymond, near Brookville Rd/465 exit) And, of course, as an edCamp, it's free!

Possible topics may include: effective 1:1 practices, Genius Hour, eLearning days as alternates for snow days, Twitter, Google Classroom, Problem-Based Learning, digital literacy and digital citizenship, STEM, iPads in education, INSPIRE,, standards crosswalk: AISLE, AASL, ISTE, educational leadership, web 2.0, teacher-led professional development.

For more information -

Teach Parents Tech

TeachParentsTech is a site that lets you send video guides to a parent or someone else for whom you regularly answer tech questions. It is super easy to send and the videos are great. What a timesaver! (created by Google)

Hemingway App

Hemingway App is a site that analyzes student writing. Just delete what you see on the page and copy and paste the student writing onto the web page. Complex sentences, the use of adverbs, and readability are analyzed. This is a free online tool.
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Image above from Tarte, Justin. "10 Things That Learners Really Pay Attention To." 03 Jan 2015. N.p., Tweet hashtag

Helpful Articles

What is being checked out in the library?

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Updated KWL

Have you had students complete a K-W-L chart in the past before starting to learn about a new topic? It's a great tool to access prior knowledge, get students thinking about what they want to learn, and then analyze their learning at the end. There's an updated K-W-L out from Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano ( that considers 21st Century Skills and also asks how the students will find the information, what action will be taken and what questions they still have. See below for two different variations. (images from
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Show What You Know

In a 1:1 learning environment, using technology to show what you know becomes very important. This chart provides ideas for students to utilize their devices to display knowledge. (To make it bigger, right click and save the image. You can then look at it without being online.)
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Graphic above created by Tony Vincent from Learning in Hand. Updated January 2014.

Library Stats for March 1-20

  • 130 classes attended out of 69 class periods = 188% scheduled (multiple classes per period)
  • 3,408 students from study hall or sent from classes or lunch
  • 3,900 students in scheduled classes
  • Number of students coming to the library each day: 487 students on average
  • 500 books circulated from March 1-20

AHS Library on Social Media

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Goal for the 2014-2015 School Year

The goal of the library program for the 2014-2015 school year is to support differentiation that will best meet student needs. This will be done by:

  • co-teaching with teachers to help provide the best learning experience for each individual student
  • working with students one-on-one as needed (searching for books, helping with individual research, providing individual learning stations)

Mission of the Avon High School Libraries

The mission of the Avon High School Library program is to encourage the quest for knowledge and promote the joy of reading by providing free access to a variety of materials that meet both the educational curriculum and recreational reading needs of Avon High School students.

Robyn Young

Robyn Young is a certified School Librarian (grades K-12) who is in her 14th year of being the librarian at Avon High School. Prior to that, she taught Social Studies and English for 10 years.

She is the Vice-President for the Indiana Library Federation, National Honor Society co-sponsor, a Newspapers in Education Board Member for the state of Indiana, and a member of the ABC-Clio Social Studies Advisory Board.

This is the periodic newsletter of the Avon High School and Avon Advanced Learning Center Libraries. It contains information that teachers may find helpful and is the primary means of communication about what is happening in the library.