How The Earth Has Changed

By: Nathan Lor

How have you changed

My heart has beaten 579 million times since i was born. On Earth I am 15 years old and on Mercury I am 62 years old. The distance I traveled since i was born away from the first probe is 12,441,378,183 mi. A house fly my age would have a generation of 8,621

How the world has changed

When i was 13 the Squat lobster was discovered in New Zealand. In my lifetime there has been 77 Major Eruptions the largest was in 2011 measuring 5 on the VEI. The black- faced lion tamarin was discovered 9 years before i was born. In my life there has been 76 supermoons and the next will be in 128 days. The Megamouth shark was discovered 23 years before i was born in Hawaii.

How We Have Changed The World

The increase of Global Temp in my times has increased by 58.3. The Antarctic Ozone hole has decreased by 2 million km. Carbon intensity has decreased by 10%. When oil runs out i will be 68 years old and when coal runs out i will be 70 years old. When gas runs out i will be 128 years old. The black rhino was saved from extinction when i was 6.