MB's Multi 1-2 Highlights

Edition 2

December and January Highlights!

Hi Everyone! It has been a busy fun filled two months. It seems so amazing that the New Year has happened and we are already in February. Read on to see some of the things we have been busy working on and have accomplished throughout the months of December and January!!

Daily 5 CAFE

We have been so fortunate to have our Daily 5 CAFE Workshop almost everyday! Together we have continued to work with many books and our National Geographic Magazines to focus on the following strategies:


  • Make and adjust predictions, use text to confirm
  • Make a picture or mental image
  • Use text features
  • Recognizing literary elements: characters, setting, plot (b-m-e)
  • Comparing and contrasting


  • Use beginning and ending sounds
  • Blend sounds; stretch and reread


  • Reread text


  • Use pictures, illustrations, and diagrams (to help figure out the meaning of a word)

We read the book "The Tale of Despereaux" and then we watched the movie. Together we wrote a list of important words from each. We each made story maps for the book and the movie, and we compared and contrasted them.


Good Fit Book Awards and QR Codes

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Good Fit

We choose Good Fit books, a challenge and a holiday book to put in our book baskets. Readers can choose new books during Daily 5 CAFE time if they choose Read to Self. Everyone has had the chance to award three of their good fit books a golden good fit book award sticker with their name on it. We have also had the chance to draw a copy of our good fit book and then make a quick video explaining why it is a good fit book, and a QR code is made of the video. Then we tape the QR code onto the back of the book so people can log into it and listen to our short explanation. We have started on our second round of QR codes!!!

Sight Word work photos Piper and Abby?

During word work we practice the top 25 sight words we need work on by writing them on white boards, using stencils, play dough, pebbles, dobbers, or beans to spell them. Folks can also use the stamps and stamp the word ,bling the word and write the word.

The Life Cycle of a Good Fit Book!

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Tune Tuesdays With Cameron

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Success Criteria Put pdf file copies of criteria here

We wrote success criteria for Silent 10 and Quiet 10 writing. We use it when we are writing. We each have a copy of the success criteria in our writing.
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Star Readers!!

Math with Mrs. Langelier

Content Math Grade 2 and Grade 1

2nd grade just finished the 3rd Module, and we are taking the assessments right now. We have been working on things like:

  1. Expanded Form -Say you have 162 you would write 100+60+2
  2. Word Form-So the number is going to be 462 you do four hundred, then you would write six tens, and then two ones.
  3. Unit Form - It is like when you say 242. You would write the word straight down

2 hundred

4 tens

2 ones

  1. Model Form-is when you use a big square for 100s, a skinny tall rectangle for 10s, and a little teeny square for 1s.
  2. Numeral Form -You just write the number, like 326
  3. Open Number Line-ex. if you were at 116 and you had to go to 200 you would use the number line to go up 8 tens and 4 ones and you would get to 200. The bumps you make for the 1's 10's and 100's would get bigger as you use bigger units as you go along. you could also go up one hundred, one ten and 6 ones
  • MONEY We show money with a rectangle box with the dollar sign $ in the corner and dollar amount in the middle of the box. We are working with 1s 10s and 100s

1st graders have done sprints for addition and subtraction:

Mrs. Langelier times us and then we go over the answers. If we get it right we put a check mark and say yes. Then you put the number of how many you got right in the circle. Then we do sprint B and you try to do at least one more than you did on Sprint A.

We do application problems: You make a math picture, you do an unknown equation, and you do the equation that shows the answer, and you write out how you figured it out. WOW!!!!

We have done a lot of making 10. We can use a ten frame.

We make number bonds.

We take the smaller numbers and add them up to make the total number or the sum.

Word Study with MB

Content Time


Grateful Gather

Winter Holidays Around the World!