Free Verse

Written by: Ashlynn Whitley


As you know there are many types of poems. Ballads, odes, sonnets, etc. Free verse is kind of a mixture between all of these poems. Free verse was first written and labeled as vers libre, (French for free verse). It was first established by a group of french poets. It was made to recreate the free rhythms of natural speech.

Purpose of Free Verse

The purpose of free verse is to not have a specific "topic" on what to talk about. Like sonnet is love, free verse is not anything specific. Other poems have rhyming and specific word position and "how" you need to write it, but free verse is just however you would like to write your "own" poem.


  • unrhymed lines
  • lack of regular meter
  • no set line length
  • way of conveying ideas and feelings

Examples of Free Verse Poems

  • The garden by Ezra Pound
  • A Noiseless Patient Spider by Walt Whitman
  • Soonest Mended by John Ashbury
  • Come Slowly, Eden by Emily Dickinson

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