Multicultural Picture Book

One World, One Day

"One World, One Day" by Barbara Kerley Ilistrated by National Geographic Copy right in 2009

The read aloud is planned for a kindergarten class. This photo book follows the course of one day in our world. Sunrise to sunset is captured in the essential things we all do daily, wherever we live in the world, and in the different ways we do them. It shows the daily routine of manydifferent children around the world. The picutures throughout the book are real life pictures taken and incorperated into the book. The pictures in the book are from national geographic.

Some of the notable awards that this book has recieved are:

Notable Social Studies Trade Books For Young People

Teachers’ Choices -- International Reading Association

Indie Booksellers’ Summer 2009 Kids’ List

Maryland Black-Eyed Susan Book

This book is unnique because of all the wonderful pictures that are from national geographic and depict children from all over the world. The book has little wording but has very descriptive pictures.

Before reading: Ask kids what they usually do on a normal school day. What happens from morning until night? Are children’s activities the same around the world? We will read to find out.

Purpose for Reading: “As we read today, think about how you’re like the children in the pictures. Think about how you get to school everyday?” let them raise there hands and say how they get to school. Examples Bus, car, walking...

The Cover: Have students make predictions about the text based on the title and the cover. Where do you think the child on the cover is going?

The Pictures: Do a brief picture walk. Explain that the text has pictures of children from all over the world.

Prior Knowledge: Find out what the students know about daily routines around the world. Do any of the children have family or friends in other places? Ask what children in other countries do during a typical school day. How different are their days from ours? Talk about ideas as a class.

Vocabulary: World, Family

During reading: What do you notice about the children in the pictures? How do you get to school every morning? Do you think you could swing across a river on a rope? Do you think that’s a safe way to get to school?

Class Activity: As a class we have descussed how each students gets to school. Sonow we will create a class graph using poster paper and pictures that the kids will glue. Each student will pick the way that they get to school and put it up on the graph. Then as a class we will disscus which category has teh most and whcich has the least.

Closure: What do you think would be the most interesting way to get to school every day? Have the children think about this question. Then as a final activity have the children draw how they would like to get to school based on ideas that we saw in the book from other kids around the world. Like by bus, zip line, car.....