Avro Canada CF-100s

Interceptor planes

About The Avro Canada CF-100 cancuck

The CF-100 is a prototype interceptor also a interceptor plane is a type of fighter jet that stops missions from enemy plane's like bombers
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There are also more Avro Canada plane's as well so its Avro Canada CF-100s

There is a CF-100 Canuck the prototype interceptor jet and then there is the CF-101 which is also a interceptor jet but it's old though then came along C-102.The C-102 is a jetliner if people don't know what a jetliner is it's just a jet that can hold passengers.

Then came along new interceptor jets

Then we have created newer and more better jets like the CF-103.The CF-103 is similar to interceptor but slightly better and it was a mock up. If you want to know what a mock up is, it's a prototype interceptor jet but it's more of a tester version it's like a draft thing where you can make any changes on it.

Now our way to the real interceptor

So now we came along the more powerful, faster and the interceptor that you all have been waiting for. The real interceptor is the C-104. It's the interceptor that can be used and not a prototype at all. It's not a tester. It's the C-104 interceptor jet.

We need a better interceptor

Now there's a new interceptor in town, the CF-105 arrow. The altitude is 15,000 m and has much higher speed about 1,235km/h. It flies 5 times the speed of sound which is super sonic speed.
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Super Arrow First Flight

the time the interceptor jets were built and extras

the CF-100 canuck was made in 1952. The CF 101 were bought by Canada and they were used between 1961 to 1984. the first flight for the C-102 jetliner is 1949 and it was built in 1949 and it was also a prototype for the CF-103 mock up flight which was cancelled in 1951. CF-103 was never completed.In 1952 there were 2 designs made for C-104 and now the best interceptor the avro CF-105 was built in 1957.CF-105 cost $3.5-5 million.