Ethics Examples -09/30/16

Marisela Marquez

Police Officer fixes boy's bike

Officer initially went to a Target to break up a reported fight. When officer showed up he asked some boys if they were fighting, to which the boys answered no. Officer noticed that a boy's bike was broken and decided to fix it. The chain on the boys bike was broken, therefore the officer fixed it. After the video of the officer fixing the boy's bike went viral, the officer said he did not know about the video, but he was glad that the video had become viral.

Police Officer Helps Single Father Buy Baby Formula

Officer Roby was responding to a shoplifting call at a local store when he came upon the item that was shoplifted. The item was a single can of baby formula. The man that had been shoplifting was a single father, who had little to no money, and was simply trying to get food for his 6 month old son. The shop owner decided not to press charges since the man only tried to shoplift baby formula. When officer Roby saw this, instead of arresting the man, he bought several cans of baby formula for the man.

Police Officer Helps Homeless Off The Streets and Helps Run Center For The Homeless

Sergeant Steve Wick is a normal patrolling officer, however he is also a helper for the homeless. Sergeant Wick helps run the Homeless Outreach Team in Houston. Not only does he help this program, he also has helped over 400 homeless people off of the streets. Sergeant Wick states that homeless people are not bad people, they simply need help and support. There is a homeless man in the video who says that it is nice for someone in a uniform that cares, because Sergeant Wick always says hi to him whenever he sees him.

Police Surprise Family After a 911 Call

Two police officers answered to a 911 call at a house, it was soon discovered that the smaller kid in the family had accidentally dialed 911. Police officers then noticed the somewhat poor state of living that the family and asked the mother, a single mother, about it and was responded that they have financial difficulties. Then a little girl said that they would not be having a Christmas tree and that she was sad about it. Once the officers left they went to buy a Christmas tree, lights, and ornaments. The next day they returned and gave the supplies to the family, the little girl was very surprised and happy for the gift.

Officer Helps Man In Wheelchair During Storm

Officer Benitez was on his way home from work, when he saw a man in an electrical wheelchair stuck in the middle of the road. Benitez immediately offered his help to the man,Michael Arnold, get home. Arnold had been going home when his electrical wheelchair stopped working and he was left in the storm. Luckily Officer Benitez saw him and helped Arnold home, then Benitez waited until someone got home to accompany Arnold.

Former Police Officer Sentenced To 5 Years In Prison

Former East Haven police officer Dennis Spaulding was sentenced to 5 years in prison and was to be supervised for one year after his release. The reason as to his sentencing was that Spaulding had been reported for violating the civil rights of many Latino members of the community. Spaulding had been found to arrest citizens for no good reason, use lots of force which caused physical injuries and executed illegal searches. Spauldings' doings are in direct violation of the Constitution.

Texas Police Officers Shoot Unarmed Man

Police officers from Bexar County shot an unarmed man who was outside of his house. A neighbor was outside as well and recorded what happened. The police arrived at the mans house and the man had put up his hands to show that he had no weapons. The recording shows that the police officers fired shots at the man either way.

Police Officer Fired For Unethical Behavior At Party

A police officer from the Grapeland Police Department was fired after his behavior at a party. The police officer had let a woman at the part wear his officer belt. This belt contained his gun, ammunition, and taser. The woman was holding an alcoholic drink while wearing the police belt. The officer was declared as unethical for letting her wear the belt while she is at the same time consuming alcohol.

Dashboard Camera Shows Police's Unethical Behavior

Police officers in Sacramento, California had been responding to a call saying that a man with a knife was walking around and behaving in a weird way. When police we arriving at the scene they attempted to run over the man with the knife. When they finally stopped they got out of the vehicle and fired at the man. The police killed the man without properly approaching him or telling him to put down the weapon. The dashboard camera on the police car recorded this event.

Six Police Officers Fired For Unethical Behavior

Six police officers were fired in Dallas due to their unethical behavior. One of these officers had been charged with homicide of a man. Another was reported to have falsely reported information on a domestic violence report. A police officer had been charged with sexual assault while another was found to have messed with evidence at a crime scene. There are still more unethical behaviors in the article that I have not specified.

What do you feel we can do to improve the quality of people that we hire in these powerful positions? What rules or hiring requirements would you make applicants do to get hired?

I feel that we can better background check any of the applicants. Police officers are meant to protect civilians and be ethical, not be rude and shoot at an innocent person. I believe that we can establish a good and responsible police force in any state, but it would require no corruption and for officers to remain professionally ethical at all times. I think that specific rules would require a good record. This doesn't mean that people who have been arrested should not be given the job, it simply means that applicants should take the job seriously and not do it for personal gain. I think that for a police force to work the best, the applicants and workers should leave any personal biases or forms of discrimination out of the job. Primarily because a police force is supposed to serve and protect everyone equally. People are equal despite the color of their skin or race, the police force should take this into consideration and stay loyal to their oath, which is to serve and protect the citizens.