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Do you Want your Child to Have a Better Life?

If you are pregnant and either wish to dispose of your child or wish to give your child a better life you can provide donate to Be your Kind of Smart. Our society will feed, clothe, and bathe your child until death. We plan to put your children on an education track. At birth we screen your child to discover its future in our society, what the child's passion is. Then we administer a serum to the brain called Be your Kind of Smart. This high tech serum seeps into the neurons and speeds up neuron production and connection. During this period a series of teachers will quickly teach the child a base knowledge for its future passions. At three your child will leave the nursery and start its study. This study is time for the citizens of our society to learn about what they love (see possible topics for study farther down the page). For the rest of their life the citizen will be provided all the basic necessities and luxuries.

Why is it Imperative to Have our Society?

As you may have noticed in the past 100 years our societies collective knowledge had declined greatly. With the rise of T.V.W. (Television Watching) jobs there has been a decline in doctors. Due to this influx of vaccines, medications, and other health aids have been abandoned. Researchers found that with the decline in knowledge there has also been a decline in empathy and familial attachment resulting in an overflow of homeless children. To remedy this problem our society is going to gather these children and place them in our hive. Our hive will detach from the US and become a separate society that will supply cerebrum (your tech buddies), heath care, and keep your lifestyle in tact.

Community Members

The members that we feel would be the best for our society and would truly strive in the environment are people that are open-minded. The parents of our new members should be intelligent and should know what they want to do with their life. This society is meant for mothers and fathers who have a high-standard for themselves and believe that they can do it, but do not wish to be parents. The children should also grow up to be optimistic and cheerful, therefore the parent should have these traits, so that the children have a greater chance of receiving the above characteristics. Prolonged sadness is not welcomed in our society, but we assure you that as long as your child fits the following characteristics, your child will be happy in this spectacular, Utopian, society. Keep in mind that we are only taking children under the age of three, we believe that it is best to start early.

Donate Your Baby Now! Give your baby the chance to be in an environment where they can gain unimaginable amounts of knowledge.

The American Dream

This Utopian society follows an important and prominent idea from the "American Dream". People many years ago came across the oceans and asked for something that they were not receiving in the country that they had lived. The people pleaded for freedom. The freedom to essentially do want they wanted without the ridicule and constant assessment of the things that they were doing "wrong" according to society and tradition. In our society we want our members to do want they want to do. While they still have to fulfill laws and expectations, they are allowed to do what they want with their lives. There is not a societal expectation of what is better or what a person should spend their life doing. It is your choice and it is your freedom.

The Scarlet Letter~ Novel

In the novel The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne the society is constantly being judged. The townspeople would criticize each other with great force based on decisions that other people made. They are supposed to fulfill societal norms. We believe that is wrong, as people we should be able to make our own decisions and choices without being judged. In our Utopian society you can "do what you want," much unlike the society depicted in The Scarlet Letter. Judgement will not be passed in regards to your life choices, you are allowed to follow your dreams and go into the profession that you want to go into. Don't worry about societal norms. The only thing that you have to fulfill here is your brain, and your dreams. "Do what you want" is not just a fun saying, it is the basis of our Utopia.


While problems in this society will be few and far between, there are going to be such things that do arise. A problem that may become apparent is stress, we have very high standards for the members of our society. We do expect that everyone will get their assignments done each day before they are allowed to entertain themselves or others. Another problem that may occur is breaking of laws. Our laws are very basic and are easy to follow, we do not expect to have any problems with anyone breaking our laws.

If there are problems in our society we will deal with them right away. Anyone who breaks any laws will be immediately arrested and eventually ejected from the society. It would be a shame for this to happen, so make sure that the rules are never broken. To deal with stress we will have counselors, therefore this will be a very little problem.

Living in our wonderfully and blissful utopia should be the best experience that one could imagine. However there are some drawbacks. Children will be released from the nursery at the age of three. And take notice that the nursery takes care of the children, you will not have your own children ever. Another drawback to living in this society is that there is a lot of work as mentioned earlier, due to the fact that in this society we have high standards, if you do not do well under pressure this might be a very uncomfortable place for you to live.

If you decide that this society is just not for you, you are free to leave whenever you want. We want our people to be comfortable and happy, if at any time you don't feel this way, let an official know. We will have a ceremony for you the day that you leave, and don't worry you won't be forgotten there is a burial site right outside of the city.

This society might be considered a dystopia to anyone who believes that stupid is better. The outside world is currently suffering from stupidity, if you have no problems with this, then this society is would be considered a dystopia. Also as mentioned before the children will be in a nursery until they are three, after that we let them go to live their life. If you wish to be a parent this is not a good place for you to live. And if you want to be a grandparent do not send your child here. This society is a utopia to many but for very small and limited reasons some people might consider it a dystopia.

Comparison to Fahrenheit 451

In the novel Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, the members of the Utopian society described are suppressed in regards to knowledge. In our society we allow for a greater brain power than the one that is known in the world today. Rather than taking away books and other simple things such as personal communications and relationships, we build them up. When babies are brought to us we give them the minimum knowledge that one must know to live on their own. From there they are free to learn as much or as little as they want. Knowledge is power, you can do so much with your brain power. In this Utopian society we believe that we have the smartest humans alive, by starting our members at such a young age they are able to gain knowledge for much longer than your average human being. We do not drag you down by keeping knowledge from you, we let you fly with the power to create your own knowledge.

Do What you Want

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