Guy Fieri

By: Kinsey Deaton and Dani Martinez

Personal info and background

  • Born- 01/22/1968 (48 years old)
  • 5' 10"
  • Married it Lori Fieri and has 2 kids (Hunter and Ryder)
  • At the age of 10 he ran a pretzel cart with his father
  • His family is originally from Italy...which sparked his love for the art of cuisine
  • Grew up in Ferndial, Ohio

Educatuon and FACS Career

  • At 16 he spent a year studying culinary arts abroad in France
  • He went to University of Nevada in Las Vegas and got a degree in hospitality management
  • After he graduated he spent a few years managing various restaurants
  • In 1996, he opened up his first restaurant with his business partner, Steve Gruber. (Johnny Garlic's)
  • They went on to open 2 more Johnny Garlic's
  • 2006- won the reality TV show 'Next Food Network Star'
  • After winning, he started his own show called 'Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives'
  • Hosted a game show in 2010- Minute to Win It
  • Career title - Restaurateur
  • He has owned many restaurants, written books, and hosted many food related TV shows

Successful Traits and Secret to Success

  • Traits that help with success:
  • Good listener, hands on, creative, has endless drive, and a desire to work well with others

  • Secrets to success:
  • He has been quoted saying that he credits his success to the support system that surrounds him and his energy and enthusiasm for his work