Miss Hays' Class Update

February 2016

Important Dates

2/3: Global School Play Day

2/4: Word Study Test

2/5: No School

2/10: Valentine's Day Party

2/10: PTC 4pm-8pm

2/11: No School, PTC 8am-8pm

2/12: No School

2/15: No School

2/19: Word Study Test

2/24: Early Release and World Read Aloud Day

2/26: Word Study Test

Valentine's Day Party

We will be celebrating Valentine's Day on Wednesday, February 10. The students will be rotating through different stations during the afternoon. Some stations include: games, crafts, and making a snack. We will be focusing on friendship and ways we can be good friends to one another. Students will not be exchanging Valentines.

Items From Home

Reminder-- students should not be bringing personal items from home. This includes chopsticks, bracelets, lip gloss, toys, pens, markers, etc. Miss Gibson and I have discussed with the class the importance of leaving these things at home/in backpacks. If we need to take an item away from a student, we will be keeping that item until the end of the year or a parent may pick it up.

February 3 = Global School Play Day 2016 (#GSPD2016)

On February, we will be spending about 30 minutes celebrating Global School Play Day! During this time, students will be playing. Just playing, no one to tell them how or what to play.

Below is the link to the #GSPD2016 website and a video about the decline of play in kids.

The decline of play | Peter Gray | TEDxNavesink

World Read Aloud Day 2016 (#WRAD16)

On February 24, we will be spending the day reading aloud. We will have NV teachers and other special guests visiting our classroom to read. Since we returned from Winter Break, we will have read and discussed 7 different strengths we find in books. Strengths include: belonging, curiosity, friendship, kindness, confidence, courage, and hope. Students are participating deep conversations about how these strengths play into their lives as readers.

Pencil Experiment

Mrs. Elliot, our classroom volunteer, noticed that some pencils sharpen better than others. She generously donated 2 boxes of pencils to our classroom so we could do an experiment. Students are using 4 different types of pencils. At the end of our experiment, students will vote on four things:

1) Overall, which pencil was your favorite?

2) Which pencil sharpened the best?

3) Which pencil wrote the smoothest?

4) Which pencil had the best eraser?

Students will be creating graphs with the data we collect. They will also be writing opinion pieces on which pencil they prefer and give reasons why.