Las Fallas!

By Haleigh Lugg


Las Fallas is a traditional celebration which honors Saint Joseph in the city of Valencia in Spain.
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Las Fallas is a tradition which has been celebrated as far back as the 18th century. Back in the old days rag dolls were hung up on a platform in various places around the city and burned, but in present times giant paper mache sculptures are made and burned as one big bonfire. This festival attracts a whole bunch of tourists each year and is known as a thrilling experience for everyone.
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Las Fallas is technically from March 1st to the 19th. Everyday at 2 pm the city displays gun powder explosions which beat out a unique sound. After, the people enjoy local traditional food. Overnight from the 15th to the 16th all the men and women put the ninots together in a beautiful display to be burned. On the 17th there is a prize ceremony in which prizes are given in a children competition and an adult competition.


Las Fallas is held in Valencia, Spain and it is quite the extraordinary event to witness!
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Por qué?

Las Fallas started off as a feast day in honor of Saint Joseph, the patron saint of carpenters. This feast grew into a 5 day celebration involving fire and statues.
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People build giant lifelike statues and at the end of the festival enjoy watching all of the statues in one area being burned to the ground.
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Qué significa?

The importance of this festival is to celebrate Saint Joseph.