Barton Hills Bulletin

May 16-20

From Kati

We are headed into our last full week of school - seems so crazy! It is also a super busy week with lots going on. I added the dates for report cards and grades - please look ahead so you are ready.

Have a wonderful, week :).

Additional Information and Updates

  • Teacher/Staff End of Year checklist is on gold paper in your boxes. I tried to shorten it this year....
  • The bell schedule for next year will be 7:45 - 2:57.
  • I will send out the link to the Google forms for 2016-2017 student class placement. Remember you have to log in with your AISD google account. We will do placement meetings on Wednesday the 25th

This Week's Events

Rich- Morning Duty

Monday -A Day

  • 7:45 Morning Assembly
  • 8:00 Volunteer Breakfast
  • 8:45 Author Visit 2nd Grade
  • 9:45 Author Visit 3rd Grade
  • 3:00 Teacher talent show rehearsal (gym)

Tuesday -B Day

  • ARD/504/eCST Day
  • 9:00 2nd Grade to Umlauf
  • 9:00 3rd Grade to Austin Zoo
  • 9:30 Fire Drill
  • 10:00 4th - 6th to Young People's Concert
  • 3:00 Teacher Talent show rehearsal (gym)
  • 6:30 - 8:00 pm AISD Salute Awards at Long Center

Wednesday -C Day

  • Gradebooks open
  • 3:30 - 5:30 Retirement Celebration for Martha and Gayla on the playground

Thursday -A Day

  • Student Talent Show Day
  • 3:00 Cadres
  • 6:30 Parent/Teacher Talent Show

Friday - B Day

  • 8:00 Prospective Parent Tour


  • UIL Event at Linder Elementary


  • Debbie Fuller's B'day

Upcoming Events

May 22

Debbie's Birthday

May 23

8:00 Book Buddies Breakfast

5:00 Student Showcase

May 24

3:00 Annual LPAC Review meeting (Stacy and LPAC members)

May 25

8:00 Third Grade Landmarks project display in cafeteria

9:00 5th Grade to Houston (overnight)

*****BY NOON ALL GRADES and COMMENTS Entered*****(we will print draft report cards)

Preliminary Class placement meetings during planning times (except 5th grade)

May 26

Allyn's Birthday

Andrew Fulman's (band) Birthday

5th Grade returns

Draft report cards printed and reviewed

6:00 6th Grade play and Cast Party

May 27

Staff Development Day/Student Holiday

8:00 am - any and all report card corrections must be finished

9:00 - 11:00 MakerCart Workshop in Library

May 30

Student and Staff Holiday/Memorial Day

May 31

7:45 Assembly - August Birthdays

Kati off campus all day

9:00 6th Grade to Blanton

June 1

9:00 5th grade Honors Assembly

Staff End of Year Party @ Serrano' s

June 2

8:30 6th Grade Graduation and Celebration

9:30ish Celebration Walk

Last Student Day - report cards go home

June 3

Last Teacher Day