Diabetes & Endocrinology Newsletter

By: Haylee Sims

Fast and Easy Way to Track Your Blood Sugar Readings for FREE!

Recently, I took it upon myself to try to come up with a better more modern way to keep up with the changing times and help people track their blood sugars. After some searching I found a great way for everyone who has a smart phone to be able to track their blood sugars, track their insulin doses, and set up insulin and medicine reminders!

This app I’m raving about is called DailyDoc. DailyDoc is a FREE and very user friendly app that allows you to set up reminders on your phone to take medicines and to check blood sugars. The app will create a collection of your blood sugars on a day to day basis, showing you charts and graphs and also allowing you to send these records to your Doctor’s Office from your smartphone!

If you have a loved one who maybe sometimes forgets to take their insulin or check their blood sugar, this app would be a great alternative since you can program it to send a reminder to the person to take their medicine and check their blood sugar levels! You can also log into your loved ones account from your phone to check and see how they are progressing!

If you need help finding the app or if you have any questions you can ask any of our office members to help you! We want to make sure everyone has access to everything they need to make dealing with diabetes easier than ever before!

Healthy Cooking Tips for Diabetics!

Here are 5 quick tips for making small healthy changes you can make to help you beat diabetes!

1. Use liquid fats for cooking instead of solid fats

Example) use olive oil instead of butter

2. Switch to low-fat dairy products

Example) Skim milk or 1% instead of whole milk

3. Cut those carbs!

Example) Unused carbs turn into sugar!

4. Cut the sugar!

Example) Use a sweetener alternative to sugar

5. Enjoy the healthy foods you love!

Example) Indulge in healthy foods you love!