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CALA Update for Parents!

Week of August 28, 2022

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Greetings Acton Parents & Families!

It's week 4 of the 9 weeks. Soon students in 1st through 4th grade will receive progress reports in Skyward. You will receive an alert when they are posted for you to review. Now is the best time to be sure you are partnering with your child's teacher to determine what at-home supports would make them most successful at school.

If your child arrives to school by car, they may unboard from the car as soon as you come to a stopping point. They do not need to wait for us to unload them. This helps our morning traffic flow quickly and smoothly.

**The person picking up your child/children should have the provided car tag containing the student's grade-level, name, and number with them for a speedy and smooth pick up. When the person does not have this, our process slows down. The additional seconds it takes to call a name instead of entering the number in our system, or stopping to check an ID turns into minutes for everyone working as waiting. Our dismissal is delayed. Please help us by having the appropriate car tag available and visible.

We are still gearing up to launch of our house system. If your child is new, they will be sorted into a house to help build community, leadership, and character. You will receive more information about this soon.

Thank you very much for your cooperation during our inclement weather this past week. Also, thank you for your continued cooperation with EVERYTHING as our enrollment continues to grow and we focus on strengthening foundational skills.

Please see all other updates below. I hope you have a restful weekend.


Jessica Linwood


Charles Acton Leadership Academy

2022-2023 Student Dress Code

Dress should be free of holes, rips, and inappropriate images or messages.

This week, we had several students arrive to school out of dress code. Please review the code and ensure your child is dressed appropriately each day. If they are out of dress code, we will call you to bring them a change of clothes and/or shoes. Here are a few quick reminders for things we have seen:

  • Shorts should cover all of the thigh and be near the knee
  • Tights/bike shorts are not permitted
  • Clothes with holes/rips where we can see the skin beneath
  • Crocs are not appropriate for school. They are dangerous and make it much easier for students to trip and fall while running or using the stairs.
  • Flip flops are not appropriate for school. They are dangerous and make it much easier for students to trip and fall while running or using the stairs.
  • Skirts should cover all of the thigh and be near the knee


Breakfast is free to all students and will be served daily from 7:30 a.m. to 7:55 a.m. If you would like for your student to participate in the free breakfast program, please have them arrive in time to get breakfast and eat daily. Students typically need 15 to 20 minutes to eat their meals.

Covid-19 Protocols

Masks are recommended but optional for all students, employees and visitors to the building unless otherwise notified. We will work with students daily to follow guidelines and make safe choices. If they will be wearing their mask, they should practice keeping it on and keeping up with it. We will not pass out masks at the doors as in the past 2 years. Students may unload from cars as they pull up. They are not waiting to have their temperature taken. We will take temperatures each Tuesday morning when students enter class.

Student Screening

  • To ensure the safety of students and staff, parents/guardians will be encouraged to monitor their students for COVID-19 symptoms daily prior to sending them to school.

  • Parents/guardians are required to submit a “student self-reporting form” if their child is symptomatic or has been confirmed as being COVID-positive.

  • Campuses may choose to check student temperatures daily or periodically throughout the week as long as there are routine checks for symptoms.

Possible Questions and Answers
    1. I want my child to quarantine even though the nurse is not requiring it. Will they be counted absent?

      1. Your child will be counted absent but their absences will be excused with a parent note.

    2. Can students learn asynchronously if they are quarantined?

      1. Asynchronous learning is not an option this year because the student does not receive attendance credit. Students will be counted absent when quarantined or out sick. They can work on schoolwork to not get behind if the teacher is willing to provide them with their assignments.

    3. How would a nurse (in partnership with campus administration) decide whether to quarantine students?

      1. in accordance with the time identified by the CDC Quarantine Calculator.

    4. Can an at-home test be used to indicate whether a student is positive or negative with COVID-19?

      1. At-home tests can’t be validated for accuracy or patient identity, therefore testing must be done at school or under the supervision of a medical professional.

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Our PTA water bottle fundraiser has been extended through Friday, September 2nd! There is still time to get one of these fantastic bottles to stay refreshed and show school spirit!

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Purchase your student a spirit shirt and hoodie. Store closes on September 12, 2022.

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Over the past few weeks students have been learning about campus-wide expectations and how they can L.E.A.D. You will receive a copy of the student handbook in e-mail so you are aware of the expectations. Ask your child what it takes for them to show leadership everyday.

After the 4th week of school, many of the updates below will be removed to shorten the news and focus on key upcoming information.

Morning Arrival

We are not taking temperatures outside. Therefore, students are free to unload from cars once you stop in the car lane. We will open car doors of our youngest students who may have trouble opening their door and unloading on their own. For the safety and security of everyone, please ensure students only walk on the sidewalks and not in the driving lanes at all. Parents who choose to park at Kennemer and walk up with students or send them over to the campus should ensure they stay on the grass and walk around to the gym. This will begin on day 3 and continue each day unless otherwise notified.

  • The school building is opened for students at 7:30am and staff supervision begins at that time.

  • Breakfast is served 7:30-7:55am

  • Students arriving by car will be lined up at the front of the school.

  • PK3 & PK4 students will be dropped off in the back of the building and meet in the cafeteria.

  • Parents are NOT allowed to accompany students into the building.

  • PK3 & PK4 students will eat in the cafeteria with their teacher/para.

  • Kinder-4th grade will go to the cafeteria to eat breakfast then report straight to class.

Traffic Flow Procedures - Front:

    • Parents enter the drive from Wheatland then split into 2 lanes after the curve.

    • The center lane is to be used as a passing lane outside of arrival time.

    • Cones/barricades will distinguish the lanes.

    • Parents will exit by merging into one lane circling around the parking lot and back out the drive.

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Traffic Flow Procedures - Back:

  • Parents will enter the back drive from the gate off Clark Road (behind Walmart) or through the side gate from the front drive.

  • Parents will drop off students, with the assistance of teachers, under the awning in the far right lane.

  • The left lane will be used as a passing lane for those leaving as well as those parking.

  • Parents will exit the drive through the Clark Road gate.

Dismissal Plan & Procedures

  • Kindergarten - 4th grade students are eligible to be bus riders.

  • Only 2nd-4th grade students are eligible to be a “walker.”

  • All car riders will be released from the designated exits.

    • PK3 = back awning

    • PK4, K, 1st= main doors (front drive of the building)

    • 2nd, 3rd, 4th = side doors by the elevator (back drive of the building)

  • Sibling car riders will go to the youngest sibling’s dismissal location.

  • bus/daycare will dismiss form the cafeteria

  • walkers will leave out of the side facing the playground

  • Parents of PK3 students may walk up to the gym to pick up their PK3 child and siblings.

  • Parents of PK4 - 4th grade students should not walk up to the door to get students but should be in the drive with their car tag.

  • Please make only 1 lane when coming into the drive. You will only split in two lanes when you approach the gate. This helps everyone be served quickly and fairly.

Inclement weather

***During inclement weather(rain, snow, extreme cold/freezing temps) our arrival and dismissal will be altered to protect students and staff from being affected. For arrival we will receive the one line closest to the building in the font and the back. Students may still get out as you pull up if you wish. I suggest you pull up to the awning before letting them out so they are warm/dry as they enter the building for school. All other lanes will be closed by cones. There will be limited crosswalk activity. For dismissal we will release the one line closest to the building in the front and the back. We will ask cars to pull all the way up and we will put students in under the awning. Students who are normally walkers will remain inside and should be picked up from the campus from the side doors. These are the only changes to how students will be dismissed. Please do not move the cones in the drive. We have them strategically placed for safety. We are still able to get students out in a timely and efficient manner with everyone's cooperation.


Visitors will be permitted to the building after arrival and morning announcements. All persons having business in the building must report through one door, designated as the school's main entrance to properly check in. Visitors will be asked to show their government issued photo ID, be processed through our Raptor system, and state the reason for their visit in order to access the campus beyond the main office. Visitors may be asked Covid-19 screening questions and/or experience temperature checks upon entry. While on campus all visitors must wear their visitor tag in a visible location on the front of their shirt, at the top. Duncanville ISD personnel who have checked in at the main office may use any door to carry out their purpose for visiting the campus. Reasons for outside visitors may include but are not limited to: picking up a sick child, conducting maintenance on the property, dropping off materials/notes, meetings, volunteering, etc.)

Late Arrival/Early Departure/Appointments

Students leaving for any reason during school hours must use the main entrance for exit and re-entry to document their time off campus. Parents picking up early are asked to provide the information for why your child will be missing part of the school day. The student will be checked out using the provided information from the parent (doc appointment, etc.). Once the forms have been completed, the student will be released through the main door only. They will not be released/admitted through any other door for early departure or late arrival.

Due to supervision and safety guidelines doors will not open before 7:30am. Early departures are not allowable after 2:45pm to allow everyone enough time to prepare for the dismissal transition.

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Meet our parent liaison to sign up for future volunteer opportunities, learn how you can support our campus, and about upcoming family engagement activities.


To ensure a safe environment and focus on instruction, parents will be permitted to complete the volunteer application and support during class time with the following: field trips, planned academic projects, planned academic/leadership/behavior incentive activities. Please sign up for orientation with our parent liaison and coordinate one of the above supports with your child's teacher. There may only be a few opportunities at the beginning of the year. The opportunities will definitely increase as the year progresses.


We will celebrate birthdays during the school day with a morning announcement & birthday pencil. We will not host birthday parties. Parents are allowed to send one of the following:

  • ready-made party bags for the class. Students will not open the bags while at school. Therefore, all bags should be pre-filled with the items you choose, closed, and ready to take home. Any food items included in the bags should be pre-packaged/store bought only.
  • cupcakes for the class. Store bought cupcakes are permitted to be dropped off for the class. They are allowed to be passed out by the teacher only during recess only. No parents/visitors are permitted during this time. Please check with the classroom teacher for the number of cupcakes to purchase. Dropping off cupcakes is an opportunity we are bringing back while navigating the pandemic. We have not had it for the past 2 years. I will keep an eye on it and determine if we need to make any changes to manage the spread of germs.


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  • Stay up to date with everything happening on campus by having a working phone number and e-mail address on your child's account.
  • Make sure all communication information is open to receive messages and not blocked. If it is blocked in any area, electronic communication will be blocked and unable to be received.
  • Ensure that anyone you anticipate picking up your child during the year is listed on your child's Skyward account with their full name (as printed on their identification) and phone number.
  • Please make sure that you respond to the photo/media release section. We take pictures and videos of things happening throughout the year and post them to our social media accounts. Be sure to let us know in Skyward if you do not want your child's image to be posted to our social media account.
Compulsory attendance law is in full effect for the 2022-2023 school year. Daily attendance is mandatory for all students PK3 - 4th grade who are enrolled in school. Students who are absent for 10% or more school days are in danger of retention. All absences are taken into account (excused + unexcused). This is different from truancy which considers only unexcused absences.
Students will receive grades based on how they show their academic skills on work completed in class each week. Parents are encouraged to check Skyward for grades each week beginning the 2nd week of school. Students will receive grades in reading, grammar, math, science, and social studies. They will receive progress levels in PE, art, and music. Conduct will be reported in comments. Report cards will be published in Skyward each 9 weeks and show final performance for each of the categories above.
PTA needs you! We will host virtual as well as in-person meetings depending on the needs of our parents. Please join the PTA to support initiatives at the school. The work of this committee helps students and teachers. Call the office for more information. We look forward to working with you.


Free school lunches for every student will not continue in the 2022-2023 school year but will only be given on an as-needed basis. The federal waiver that made free lunch accessible to every student expired in June. Students who do not qualify for free lunch will have to pay. Free breakfast will still be available to every student.

If you are a parent who needs free or reduced lunch you may qualify under the new elegibity guidelines. New Income Eligibility Guidelines for Determining Free and Reduced-Price Benefits: INCOME GUIDELINES HERE

The 2022-23 meal application will be available on July 1, 2022. Complete the federal meal application in School Cafe.

La solicitud de comidas 2022-23 estara disponible despues del 11 de Julio de 2022. Complete la Solicitud de comida federal en School Cafe.

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Make it a great day Panthers! The choice is yours!