Plan Your ModExperience

A Thank You with NAKAMA for 2014 Volunteering

Help plan and implement opportunities to make your ModExperience bigger, better, and louder!

It's no secret. We LOVE the Nakama truck. Well what if on Friday, March 21st we offered the Pittsburgh ModPeep a choice of:

*Chicken fried rice or noodle and veggie egg roll


*Veggie fried rice or noodle and veggie egg roll

just to say thanks a milli for committing to 2014 event volunteering and planning. Sounds delish, right?

All we need is 100% completion of the 2014 PGH Event Volunteer Sign Up doc by Friday, March 7th at noon.

Disclaimer- If you sign up and are unable to fulfill your obligation and must forfeit your crown you will be responsible to designate your title to a mutually agreed upon first runner up who will complete your reign

*offerings for the 100% completion thank you. If not complete Nakama will still come but it won't be on the house so be sure to sign up today!