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  • 09/26- Progress Reports go home in blue rock star folders! (Sign one of the them and return it then keep the other one at home for yourself)
  • 09/27- Fall Festival (Del Paso Campus 2:00-6:00pm)
  • 10/02- Picture Day
  • 10/02- WAVE Meeting at 6:30
  • 10/03- Spirit Day- Decades


Thank you to Rachel Songer for stepping up as our Room Parent!

Thank you also to everyone who has donated to our class Fall Festival basket and those that have volunteered to work at our booth selling tickets. Your help is amazing!

Remember every $20 you spend is worth 1 hour toward your volunteer hours. If you donate, make sure to log it!

Still interested in donating? Email Rachel at

Our Highlights: What We've Been Rockin' At!

We have been really working on mastering our procedures and routines. Mastering routines and procedures are a vital part of having our classroom run seamlessly. If we can master transitioning from one event to the next, it allows us more crucial learning time and also a better flow all throughout the day. Some things that we are still working on that you can reinforce at home are:

  • Waiting until all of directions have been given before trying to start on them (we use the word GO to know that they've all been given and to get started following them)
  • Looking at and tracking the speaker
  • Following 3 step directions
  • Lining up safely and quietly

We have also been working on pre-writing strategies and incorporating sensory details within our writing. Students have been using a web or bubble map to get their writing started and think of great sensory details to use within their narrative. Next week, we will be working on drafting our first entire narrative writing piece which we will later publish.

In math we have been working on place value and explaining our mathematical reasoning and our strategies used to solve. Ways that you can reinforce place value at home and have fun with your child are...

  • Play Guess My Number (Think of number and let them know how many digits it is - It should be from 2 to 3 digits at this point. Then have them guess the number you are thinking of. If your number is more than what they guessed, tell them "Greater." If your number is lower than their guess, tell them, "Less." If they guess it correctly, tell them, "You got it!" When your child starts and thinks of the number to have you guess, have them write it down on a sticky note before you start so that they don't forget their number. If your child needs more of a challenge you can increase the number of digits in your number or their number.
  • If your child is having trouble with that game, begin with rearranging the ones, tens, and hundreds, and let them know what are in each. (For instance, "My number has 2 tens, 5 ones, and 3 hundreds...what number am I?") If that is still too hard for your kiddo...put the hundreds, tens, and ones in the correct order and see if they can get it. "My number has 3 hundreds, 2 tens, and 5 ones. What number am I?"

We have been continuing to work on reading stamina, picking good-fit books, reading with someone, working on writing, and listening to reading. Most of us also got on RAZ-Kids this week to read! A sheet about Raz-Kids will be going home this coming week to let you know how to have your child log-on at home and also how you can see what they have been reading on it.

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Math Monday

Check out the problem for this Math Monday HERE

Rockin' and Rollin' into Next Week!

Math: Number patterns, skip counting, and coins.

Reading: Author's Purpose (to Persuade, Inform, or Entertain)

Writing: The drafting process. Penmanship review.

Grammar: Verbs and irregular verbs

Conventions: Capitalizing, ending punctuation, and apostrophes.

Social Studies: Mapping and directions

Spelling: 100% Words

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